Cheap Auto Insurance: Should You Trade Down Your Ride?

Usually, the Opting for Cheap Insurance ?type of car you drive is one of the last things to cross your mind when you shop for auto insurance. But what you drive often plays a huge part in the price you’re quoted when you run your details through a vehicle insurance comparison tool. Why? Because some cars are far more costly to insure than others.

All of this begs the question: is it economically sound to own a car that costs a small fortune to insure? The answer to that question depends entirely on you and your financial situation. To help you decide, here are a few questions to ask yourself when you shop for auto insurance:

• Is what I drive important enough for me to have to pay higher insurance premiums for it?
• How important is it to me to save money on auto insurance?
• Will cutting down on my monthly insurance premiums help out my overall financial health?

Depending on what your answer is to any of the questions above, you might arrive at the conclusion that trading down for a vehicle that’s much cheaper to insure is the smartest thing to do. However, if you’re in a position to be able to pay significantly higher premiums with minimal pain to your pocket, there’s no reason to sacrifice your dream car. Regardless of which route you take, be sure to use a vehicle insurance comparison tool to ensure you never pay more than you should for car insurance.

How to Find Cheap Auto Insurance with Maximum Coverage

Avail Maximum CoverageEvery driver wants cheap auto insurance – but nobody wants to sacrifice the amount of coverage they get simply for low rates. And whereas drivers used to have to call each insurance company separately to find out how much they’d be paying for a policy, nowadays there’s nothing easier and faster than looking for cheap auto insurance by using free insurance quotes online.

Online comparison sites offer cheap auto insurance
At trustworthy comparison websites like AgentInsure, one of the nation’s leaders in online insurance comparison sites, drivers can fill out a request for a number of free quotes, which they recieve within a matter of minutes. But efficiency and speed isn’t the only reason to look for cheap auto insurance online; many of the insurance companies that offer free insurance quotes online also offer significant discounts only through online comparison websites, which means that you won’t find those rates anywhere else! And though online comparison sites don’t guarantee they’ll get you the lowest rates, often you will find a better rate there than you’d get even if you’re a long-term customer at an insurance company. Most of the discounted rates are only offered for a limited period of time, but iit’s always smart to check if there are any super-low rates that allow you to get maximum coverage for the lowest possible rates. Why wait? Go to Agentinsure today to request your free insurance quotes online!

Car Insurance Shopping Checklist

Refer ChecklistCar insurance shopping can be confusing, and when you’re looking for cheap auto insurance that still offers you adequate coverage, you need to take many different factors into account in order to find the best deal. One of the most helpful tools you can have when you’re looking for cheap auto insurance is a car insurance checklist like the one below. Keep this checklist on hand when you request quotes so you can be sure you don’t forget anything that could get you a better deal.

  • Your personal information. You’ll need your legal name, driver’s license number and address.
  • Information about your car. Write down your car’s make, model, and year.
  • Mileage. Make a note of the mileage on your car before you request any quotes. Also estimate the amount of miles you drive each month.
  • State legal coverage requirements. Though each insurance carrier will automatically pull up your state’s legal coverage requirements when they know your address, it’s a good idea to be aware of them yourself.
  • Accidents or moving violations. These will be automatically calculated into your insurance rates based on your driver’s license information. However, if you have not been involved in accidents or had any moving violations for the past three years, most carriers will give you a discount.
  • Defensive driving course. If you’ve completed a defensive driving course, ask how this influences your insurance rates. Most carriers offer discounts upon proof of completion.
  • Anti-theft and safety devices. If you have an anti-theft device in your car, write down its make and model, and list any safety devices such as airbags and anti-lock brakes.


Bonehead Moves to Avoid When You’re Behind the Wheel, Part 4

Behind the Wheel with FriendsFor some, cheap auto insurance is a pipe dream. Even teaming up with the best car insurance company in the world won’t save you from having to pay seemingly extortionate rates for coverage. In many situations, it’s not a case of you being a horrible driver—but the company that you keep while behind the wheel.

  • Driving with Rambunctious Children: Okay, first things first. This isn’t an indictment of all parents out there who happen to have children who’d just as soon ride on the hood of your car as sit quietly in the backseat. Kids will be kids, we all know this. But failing to keep your little ones strapped down with seatbelts and proper child safety harnesses is asking for trouble that you don’t need. And if your younglings have a predilection for freeing themselves from car seats and the like, always pull over to reseat them. Never do this while driving.
  • Driving with Pets: You’ve probably seen it before, some Joe driving down the street with a poodle sandwiched between the steering wheel and his chest. It might look cute, but it’s anything but safe. Even conscientious drivers who are dog lovers have a hard time witnessing this, as this not only puts the pet in serious harm, but also increases the likelihood that the driver will become distracted and lead to Poofy’s untimely end—or that of the rear bumper of the car ahead of them. If you have to bring along the pets everywhere you go, be sure to place them in a crate or kennel to limit the potential for accident and injury.
  • Driving with Friends: In many states, it’s illegal for teenagers of certain ages to drive with more than one person in the car at a time. This is enforced because of the high rate of accidents caused by distracted driving. But you don’t have to be a kid to be easily distracted by a carload of passengers. If you have to cart a group of friends around, be sure to insist that they keep the noise level down so you can drive safely. You may come off like a square, but at least your driving record will stay clean.

Obtaining cheap auto insurance doesn’t have to be an impossible dream. Remember that it’s frequently the actions you take behind the wheel which lead to avoidable accidents and painfully high car insurance rates. If you take action now to clean up your driving habits, you’ll eventually be able to take advantage of good driver discounts.