How To Chose The Best Car Insurance company

To choose Best Car Ins CompanyFollow the below steps to find the best car insurance company.

  • Looking for company: You can look into insurance company in many ways, either by meeting an agent or online search or by insurance company representatives. To get to know about insurance, start with the state department of insurance. Check with different insurance companies that are available on the website, collect information about them through internet, look at different quotes and compare them and later contact your agent.
  • Agent and company license: Check the company and also the agent whether they are licensed to do this business. Check about the company standards as well as on agents through State department of Insurance. Find out from how many years the company has existed. Also check the complaint ratios of the insurance company you are looking for.
  • Company rating standards: Check the claim history of the company and also the financial stability of the insurance company through the State department of Insurance. Also talk to your friends and family members and get to know about what experience they had with the insurance companies.
  • Your requirements: After selecting the car insurance company, suggest the requirements which you need. See to that coverages you opted covers all that is needed. Check if any special offers are provided by the insurance company.
  • Discounts: Many insurance companies offer discounts for various reasons. By providing discounts you can attract many customers. But you need to ask for discounts for which you are eligible.
  • Attention for first policy: The insurance policy depends on the customer and the insurance provider. Keep an eye on any additional coverages if it is necessary.

Steps Involved when you meet with an accident

Steps Involved when you meet with an accidentYou will get to know about the coverages when you keep comparing the policies. You should select the coverage in such a way that meets your budget. Buy the coverage which you can afford. The checks you pay should be in the insurer’s name or the agent’s name. Keep a look on the policies you already have and the policies you are planning to buy. Read the policy before you commit. Many of the policies have the option of free look period upto 30 days. When you get a mail about your insurance information, see to it that it contains what actually you have purchased. Always keep your Connecticut car insurance in a safe place and tell your trusted family member or a friend where you have kept your policies. If you are ill or pass away, they will do the necessary processing of your claims.

To file a complaint you need to follow few measures in Connecticut.

  1. As soon as you meet with an accident intimate the cops immediately.
  2. Get the information of the persons involved in the accident.
  3. Note the time and location where you met the accident and also the model the car which is involved in the accident.
  4. Check whether the damages are as reported.
  5. Call up your insurance agent immediately giving your policy number and other necessary information.
  6. Till you receive the claim amount, try to cooperate with the car insurance company.
  7. To make your process easy, provide the necessary documents to your Connecticut car insurance company.
  8. Keep notes on the conversation you had with the police, insurance agents, person who is involved in the accident and the lawyers.

What To Do In Case Of An Accident

What To Do In Case Of An Accident?Buying car insurance is the important thing that should be on the top of your mind. One should know what your insurance policy covers and what are the necessary insurance protection required. If you are not having insurance then you will end up paying dollars. Liability insurance pays your lawyer to help you defend any lawsuit or claim. Car insurance is an important purchase. Understand your policy properly to protect yourself from loss.

If you meet with an accident, you should :

  • Stay calm.
  • Call the respective authorities and inform them about the injuries that happened.
  • Check where you are injured and apply first aid if it is necessary
  • Record the address,name and phone number of the driver. Note down the license number and model of the vehicle involved in the accident.
  • Collect the phone numbers, names and addresses of all the witness and the passengers.
  • Take a snap of the accident spot.
  • Keep a copy of the police report from the investigating officer.
  • Notify about the accident to your car insurance immediately. Contact your agent also immediately.

Follow the below tips when you meet with an accident.

  • If you have met with an accident, your car insurance company will protect you financially for the limits you have for your car damage and the injuries you have got due to accident.
  • Check whether the state you stay will have no fault system or tort system.
  • If you meet with an accident, try to protect others and yourself.
  • Take the help of insurance agents when you are filing a claim.

Did Towing Damage Your Car?

Did Towing damage your Car?Instances such as your vehicle in no parking zone, violation committed, caused an accident, your vehicle is immobile and needs a repair or mechanic to look upon. For all the above, towing comes as a rescue. But what when a towing process itself damages your car? Do you have to bare the expenses? Will your car insurance company pay for it? Many questions, answered below.

Usually, few car insurance companies accept such damages under their collision coverage, if the insurer has opted for collision coverage. It generally covers any damage which occurs to your vehicle due to collision, caused either by another vehicle or object. But the collision coverage is a deductible where deductible is that amount which you as an insurer will have to pay out of your own pocket much before your insurance company hops in.

To Do!

When you are at the towing company to pick your vehicle or as soon as it is dropped by towing truck into a mechanic shop or service station, check thoroughly for:

  • scratches
  • tires if deflated
  • dents
  • worn out paint
  • any trouble with alignment of car

Take pictures immediately or a video if in case of any damage mentioned above. If possible collect some witness statements which can help you in making your claim process easy and quick.

Successful Claim

Every state and it’s municipal corporation has definite set of rules on how a towing process has to operate. As towing are independent operators, not all state municipalities agree for the claim, only few encourage the submission. Some times the towing company itself will agree in paying for the claims made. However, you will have to keep your car insurance company updated. If the towing company does not accept your claim then you can work through your car insurance company. You can file a complaint, raise a legal action to collect money for repair of the damaged. At times, the towing company will negotiate between the parties, your insurance company, truck operator, insurance company of towing company.

Car Insurance for Senior Drivers

Car Insurance for Senior DriversThe moment you own a car your foremost responsibility is to get your car insured. If a law suit is filed against you or in any trouble in an accident case then your Arkansas car insurance helps you financially. If you committed an accident, and whether you are not at fault or at fault you will have to pay for the injured person’s damages. If you want to choose the affordable and the best coverage, choose the right deductibles and discounts.

The most safest drivers while driving on the road are the matured drivers because they are the most experienced drivers. Therefore mature drivers will be offered with a discount when the drivers are aged between 50 to 70.

  • Retired : You will get to know which car insurance company offers you a discount if you select the occupation as retired in the driver page while taking the quote.
  • Choose a safe vehicle : The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety lists some of the safest cars which the matured drivers can drive. Buying this will reduce your premium and also the injury to you and people who are sitting in your car if you meet with an accident.
  • Low Annual Mileage : You will qualify for the discount if you are traveling less compared to the distance you were traveling while you were working. You will be considered to be less risky drivers as you will not be driving more like the drivers who go for work. When you are taking a quote you will be asked for annual mileage where you will automatically receive discounts if your annual mileage is less.
    Each company has different additional questions to be answered by you to save your money. This will fetch senior drivers many discounts.

Will My Auto Insurance Cover A Rented Moving Truck?

Ensure Moving is CoveredIf you have to shift your house to a different location all your things cannot be dumped inside the car and brought. You need to rent a van or a truck. It is better to move your things through truck rather than asking your friend or relatives. You can make sure whether your car insurance company covers for the rented vehicle before loading your things into the vehicle.

Many of the insurance companies give extra insurance coverage which you can purchase. But you would not be ready to pay extra coverage to protect your truck and your belongings. So first contact your insurance company whether they cover rental vehicle, because sometimes along with the protection of your car insurance policy they will extend for your rental vehicle also. It is a problem for trucks with large move because insurance companies do not cover for the vehicles with large weight.

  • If any damage is caused to the truck only, then limited damage waiver insurance will cover for the damage.
  • If any damage or any injury is caused with the moving truck then supplemental liability insurance will cover the claims made against moving company or you.

Protecting Your Personal Stuff

Your personal items and the valuables you have kept in your vehicle will not be covered by the car insurance company. In the same way your personal items and things which you have loaded on the moving van or any of the things damaged or stolen while moving will also not be covered. Your car insurance company might cover only the damages and the injuries caused by you.

Remember one thing that your home insurance or the renters insurance will cover your personal things even if your things are in truck. Supplemental coverage will be provided for your personal items from the company you rent your truck. Most of the times basic coverage for your personal items will be included for the hiring movers.

Reduce Your Cost on Modified Cars

Think Before You Modify Your CarIf your car is modified then it is difficult to find the less expensive and cheap car insurance. Modifying one’s car is not a good idea according to most of the insurance companies. When compared to the original car your modified car will have possible less risk and harms so the car insurance companies will give you low insurance rates. Many changes such as decorating your car with the extra alloy on the wheels are some of the things for which the thieves gets attracted in stealing your car. For these reasons the insurance companies avoid such modification to your car.

Insurance Versus Modified Car

The insurance company will review your car differently, if have changed the bumper of the car or suspension is lowered. Any alterations will always be analyzed or reviewed by the insurance companies. Moreover you have to pay high car insurance rates if major parts of your car is been replaced. In case you change the engine of your car to make your car faster which means that you drive at faster rates. Modify your car only when it is needed then you can try to minimize the cost of your car insurance. You will have to pay high insurance rates if too much changes or alterations in made in the car. To avoid the complications inform your insurer immediately after any modifications.

However, compare and check with the insurance company about the rates on the modified car. Some companies also offer discounts and bonuses for your car insurance. So check for the cheap and affordable car insurance company and ask them to give a free assessment on the modified car. Try to follow the steps like parking the car in a safe place and addition of car alarm and driving safely will avoid you from spending too much. These steps will also help you to become a good driver and help to drive without penalties. Limited use of your car will also reduce your car insurance premium. By understanding and applying certain conditions on them will help you to get more affordable insurance.

Is Your Auto Insurer on Strong Financial Legs?

Strong Foundation with Right InsuranceIt’s not enough to pick an auto insurer on the strength of their online car insurance quotes. Sure, this is a great way to gauge whether or not you’re going to be able to afford insurance for that fancy SUV you just got for a steal. But when it comes to the point of saying “Yes, I’ll go with this company” you’ve got to look beyond just comparing auto insurance quotes. What you really need to look at is the financial strength of the insurer.

What does the financial strength of the insurance company you’re doing business with have to do with it? Everything. Picture this scenario: two days after someone decides to make your day by t-boning you in an intersection, your car insurance company files for bankruptcy. Talk about your bad timing – in this circumstance you’ll be lucky to get a payout on your claim. But a company doesn’t have to be going under to experience difficulty coming up with the money to pay out.

For this reason, never just base your decision on their online car insurance quotes. Always make sure that the company you’re thinking of doing business with has the financial standing to be able to fork over the funds if and when the time comes. You can do this by using the online services of A.M. Best, an organization that ranks the financial strength of insurance companies. If an insurer receives any of the following 3 ratings, you can consider them a safe bet.

• Superior – A++ or A+ rating.
• Excellent – A or A- rating.
• Good – B++ or B+ rating.

If the insurance company has a rating any lower than this, you might be putting yourself at risk for not getting coverage when you need it the most.

Loan/ Lease Payoff

Car loanLoan/lease coverage is the coverage that pays the difference between how much you owe for the vehicle and how much your car insurance pays if your vehicle has undergone total loss or if your vehicle is stolen and is not recovered. If you want to add loan/lease coverage to your policy collision coverage and comprehensive coverage are the coverages is a must which should be added before the loan/lease coverage. Consider adding the loan/lease coverage to the insurance policy if you are shopping for the insurance by taking a quote on your car. If the driver is having loan/lease balance on his car through any of the financial institution and not by an individual then applying loan/lease coverage on your policy will be helpful.
If you are involved in a very serious car accident without loan/lease coverage, your car insurance company might declare that your vehicle is a total loss and give you a settlement check much less than what your vehicle owes on your unpaid car loan. Along with the replacement vehicle what you had decided to purchase you also need to continue paying the old car loan in addition. When you sign the contract while you are leasing a vehicle, in the contract loan/lease coverage is added as a part of the agreement. Before buying the loan lease coverage read properly all your loan lease documents carefully. Many of the insurance companies loan lease coverage is available if you have got the car loan from a recognized financial company. The coverage will not be applied if you have borrowed money from a friend or a family member to obtain the vehicle. After the collision coverage and comprehensive coverage has paid the actual value for your vehicle, then the loan/lease coverage will issue a check. This value will be the difference between the collision and comprehensive coverage and the amount your vehicle loan will currently owe.

Capture The Incident for An Easy Claim

Capture the Incident for Easy ClaimA camera carried in your car would be a perfect evidence to document the case and make your claim process easy and fast. Now that you are aware of what needs to be done when any accident occurs, you will also be curious to know on how an insurance company will assist their clients during their time of need. When it’s related to car accident and insurance claim, make sure it is documented correctly. Let any incident not surprise you as to when it occurred and how? What it resulted in and who were the victims of it? There can be twist in the story.

When Accident Occurs

An accident occurs, be it your fault or the other driver’s, people will be apologetic and seem to be very co-operative at the scene of accident. Do not be amazed when the story changes. For the fact, no one would admit their fault and bare heavy expenses. Though you follow the required steps, be calm and report to the police, you do not want to end up in a mess when filing claims. Be it the cops or the insurance company, they would require evidence in order to support and stand by you.

Carry A Camera

Placing a camera in your car’s glove compartment does benefit you in documentation process. You can take pictures which can help you when the other driver is found guilty. Even if you are liable for an accident, still take pictures in order to document damage severity. Some people do wait for an opportunity and take advantage of a claim. A try to receive much more than what they are bound to get as you are paying. Below are some tips for you to consider:

  • Call the cops and inform your agent or the car insurance company. All your vehicle related documents, insurance and license will be verified.
  • Do not block the roads. Clear your vehicles from lane to avoid traffic.
  • Most importantly, take enough pictures to cover the incident much before you move your vehicle from the spot. Remember, you are capturing the proof here in order to make your claim process effortless.