Give Room for Bicyclists

Give Room for BicyclistsA worst crash which ever happened between a car and a bicyclist occurred in U.S, since then both are at odds. When any car collides with the bicycle, the consequences of it is always worst for the bicycle rider. As per the records of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 750 cyclists were killed in road accidents and nearly 50,000 were injured badly in the year 2008. The accident rate was high majorly in urban areas usually in day time by evening. Sadly, most of the accidents occurred killed a child between age group of 10 to 15 years.

Safety Measures

Looking at the rate at which bicyclists accident was happening, Wisconsin state government rolled out few rules and regulations in order to avoid such incidents.

  • Maintain a distance of 3 foot between you and the bicyclist. Give them clearance.
  • When you take turns while driving, give yield to bicyclists the way you give it to a car.
  • Be very careful specially when driving by neighbor hoods or near by schools. Pave way for kids.
  • When moving your car from parking lot or while opening car doors, look behind for cyclists.
  • When you are driving behind a bicycle, slow down while taking turns at any intersection. Do not try to over take them. This might lead to a collision.

Measures to be Taken by Cyclists

  • Even the cyclists have to follow the same traffic rules as any vehicles. Ride in the same lane, check for signals, yield in a right way for other vehicles or bicycles and follow the traffic accordingly.
  • While cycling at night or in dark, wear reflectors or headlights. Ensure the headlights are clearly visible till certain distance for other vehicles nearing you.
  • Ride with a helmet.
  • Do always signal before you take turns.

Influencing The Drivers for Good Driving Performance

High Impact on Car Insurance PremiumTo be safe on the road defensive driving is one of the thing to be learnt, according to the statistics. Defensive driving class vary according to each state. There are many benefits if you take up defensive driving class. It reduces the points to the drivers license pursuing a ticket and gives an assurance that car insurance rates may not increase. Taking defensive driving course, you will get reduction up to 10% in insurance rates over a period of five years. Requirements vary simultaneously just as the defensive driving class differs with each state.

Secrets of Excellent Driving

You will be ready and aware what ever happens if you drive defensively. Do not put your fate in the hands of other drivers, be cautious and be ready to take any action. Most of the crashes occur due to the driver’s error says the U.S Department of transportation. To reduce risk on the road follow the defensive driving tips :

  1. Safety comes first:  Avoid driving aggressively and pay attention while driving the car. Leave lot of gap between your car and the car in front of you, to avoid car crash. Always lock the car doors and wear the seat belt to protect yourself.
  2. Keep your speed down: Depending on various conditions speed limits have to be followed. It is the responsibility of the driver to match with driving conditions.
  3. Separate risks: If there are multiple risks it is necessary that each risk is mentioned separately. The main goal is to avoid many risk factors at a time.
  4. Cut out driver distractions: If you divert your attention some where else other than driving then it becomes distraction. You should be focused while driving the car, because while driving full attention is required.