Do You Qualify for a Multi-Car Discount and Not Even Know It?

Obtain Multi Car DiscountGetting fast and accurate quotes for auto insurance isn’t tough. In fact, comparing insurance has never been easier. While in the old days you had to comparison shop by phone or in person, these days all you have to do is get online and within minutes you’ll have a quote. But sometimes, doing your homework ahead of time pays off.

For example, before agreeing to any auto insurance terms, it’s critical to first find out if you qualify for a multi-car insurance policy. What is a multi-car insurance policy? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a car insurance policy issued to households with more than one car. But does that only count if each car has a different driver? And do the others in your policy have to be family? The answer to both is: no.

You can qualify for a multi-car insurance policy if:

• You personally own more than one car and want them all insured.
• You share a home with other people and you want to go in together on a car insurance policy to save money. The others sharing your home don’t have to be family—as long as you share an address, you’ll qualify for the discount.

Be sure to inquire about the multi-car insurance policy when you get online quotes for auto insurance. You might be surprised by the amount of money you can save.