Cooling Your Car from Summer Heat

Cooling your Car from Summer HeatTo beat the heat, you get into swimming pools, wear comfortable clothes and prefer air condition and keep the cool. Like we, even cars take the heat and needs to be cooled down. Below are certain ways in which you can beat the summer.

Car Cooling System

Be it any vehicle, on long distance driving it gets heated up. If the cooling system of your car is not properly functioning then it can cause over heat and break down. Pressure created due to long journeys will need more of air conditioning to the system to run smoothly. As per Automotive Service Association (ASA), a thorough check on coolants is a must. Make sure the coolant tanks are filled up to mark. If you find any contamination, flush out the cooling system. Do not randomly pick any coolants as it is cheap. Use proper mix of coolants recommended by the manuals. Check for wear and tear parts, drive belts, hoses and pipes of radiator, fan blades etc. If you fail to do so, you might end up in the middle of your road trip.

Check for Battery

Ensure battery is seated at it’s right place and no vibration while driving. More of vibration can cause battery to wear off and also gets heated up during long drives. High temperature outside can evaporate battery fluid. Accessories such as DVD players, radio or GPS systems will also add to the pressure on the battery. Hence, get your battery checked, if it is more than 2 or 3 years old and replace if required.

Safety Measures to Curb Heat

  • Park your vehicles in shade as much as possible during summer
  • Do not leave pets or children alone in the vehicle
  • If the vehicle was parked under the sun for long time, keep doors and windows open for sometime before getting into the vehicle.
  • Any metal parts such as seat belts buckle or steering wheel etc gets heated up when exposed to sun. Avoid sudden contact with them as you get into the vehicle.