The Consequences of Not Having California Car Insurance

There are several consequences to not having California car insurance. It is important to follow the laws, not only because you could get into legal trouble, but also because of the financial strain not being covered by insurance can cause you and your family.

When you don’t have insurance are in an accident, you could end up having your license suspended. You will also be responsible for any costs, including damages to other people’s property, medical bills for drivers and passengers in the other vehicle and in your own vehicle as well. Many times you will also get a ticket for not having insurance which can cost as much as $500, or the same cost of paying for an entire 6-month auto insurance policy. Rather than paying double, it is important that you pay for and keep your auto insurance policy current.

If you go in to purchase a new car from a car salesman, it is required that you have California insurance prior to driving the car off the lot. If you are pulled over and don’t have your insurance card with you or you are uninsured, you will be given a ticket and you will have to go to court to either prove you had insurance at the time or that you purchase a policy after you were ticketed. It will then be up to the judge whether or not you still have to pay the fine.

You can avoid this all by purchasing a California automobile insurance policy and keeping it current and paid at all times when you are driving a vehicle. It will save you a lot of stress and money in the long run.