California Car Insurance Requirements

In California, it is required that every driver has the statutory minimum liability insurance. There are several required features you must have on your insurance policy. In order to make sure you are following the state requirements, California insurance companies will make sure you are following the law when you purchase your insurance policy.

In order to make sure you are following the laws, you can find the state minimum requirements below.

Bodily Injury Minimum Requirements for California Automobile Insurance:

  • $15,000 injury or death coverage for any person in an accident
  • $30,000 for all people in an accident
  • Property Minimum Requirements for California Auto Insurance:
  • $5,000 for any accident

In order to comply with these requirements, you must purchase an automobile limited liability insurance policy, put a cash deposit down with the DMV, have a certificate of insurance by the DMV for fleet insurace of 25 vehicles or more, or you must have a surety bond for at least $35,000 from an insurance company.

Many new vehicle owners are required to have full coverage by their financial institution until the loan is paid off; it is important to check with your financial institution to ensure that you are purchasing the right amount of insurance for your vehicle. In order to find the best insurance policy, you can search for California automobile insurance online and find several companies that offer great rates on the state minimum required insurance. You can also find many discounts for being married, being over the age of 25, a good credit rating, and a safe vehicle.

Should I Buy Vehicle Insurance Because it is The Cheapest, in California?

Is it true that California automobile insurance is cheaper than other types of insurance?

Normally, California car insurance is cheaper than other types of insurance, such as home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and so on. However, several factors can go into final California auto insurance quotes that look into factors including driving record, age, region, and more. Of course, you should never choose cheap California insurance just because it is affordable. Insurance is for your protection and is a good investment for your future.

How do I keep my car insurance quotes low?

One of the easiest ways to get the cheapest auto insurance in California is to try to drive as safely as possible to keep up a good driving record. Your driving record is the number one biggest factor affecting the amount of your California automobile insurance. Second, you might want to consider the region you live in. Los Angeles auto insurance and San Francisco auto insurance tends to come at much higher rates simply because these cities are more populous and put drivers at a higher risk for a car accident. If you can afford to move to another town, this will help you get the cheapest auto insurance in California.

Why is California auto insurance important?

Since California is one of the most populous states in the country, you are sure to encounter plenty of other drivers on the road. Traffic congestion could lead to accidents, and you wouldn’t want to be caught in a bad accident without any California automobile insurance to cover you. It’s a much smarter decision to prepare for the future instead of being left in the dust in case of an emergency.