Family-Friendly SUV Insurance Rates

Significantly Higher RatesYou’ve got the kids, you’ve got the dog—and now it’s time to get a car that’s large enough to transport the entire family. Whether you’re driving your daughter to school, your son to baseball practice, or the whole gang to Disneyland for the day, an SUV is a comfortable, safe vehicle and a great choice for a family. But when it comes to paying the car insurance premiums, don’t be too surprised when you see the SUV insurance rate.

SUV Insurance Rates are Significantly Higher
An estimated 12 percent of all vehicles in the United States are SUVs, despite the fact that SUV insurance rates are generally between 10 and 20 percent higher than those of a regular car. And though this might seem like a lot, there are a number of reasons why insurance companies charge high SUV insurance rates.

Reasons for High SUV Insurance Rates
One of the reasons SUV insurance rates are higher is that though SUVs might feel safer to drive, they can cause a lot of damage to other vehicles in a collision which costs the insurance companies more in the event of an accident. In addition, SUVs are more at risk for flipping over in high-speed swerves, turns, or collisions. And for the past seven years, SUVs have been the most popular target for car thieves, with the Cadillac Escalade topping the chart last year for “most stolen.”

Get the Lowest SUV Insurance Rates
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