What Are the Benefits of Using a Local Independent Agent to Purchase an Insurance Policy?

Using an independent agent to purchase any insurance policy is a good idea. An independent agent is an individual or a company that works with various insurance companies. Rather than representing just one provider, this agent works with numerous organizations. From the prospective of the customer, this is a very good thing. It provides a wide range of benefits to you.

Comparative Quotes Are Easy

The key benefit of working with this type of agent when you need to purchase a policy is that he or she works for you, not for the insurance company. This means he or she will help you to get quotes from numerous companies so you can easily compare them. You can get a quote from three, four, or even more national and local insurance companies all within the same amount of time. Even better, you do not have to deal with pushy sales agents. Your independent agent handles that for you.

Policy Right for You

The benefits of using an independent agent to buy insurance also include the fact that you can get all types of insurance you need at one time. This may include:

  • Homeowner’s insurance policies including add-ons
  • Auto insurance policies
  • Business property insurance
  • Recreational vehicle insurance
  • Business liability insurance
  • Renter’s insurance

If there is any other type of insurance that you need, your independent agent will help you to find it. Then, the agent will work with you to find discounts you may qualify for including bundle discounts. This means you end up paying far less for the coverage you need.

Why Local Matters Too

Hiring a local independent agent is even better. This allows you the ability to have someone on your side all the time. If you need to file a claim, you know whom to call. You can expect your agent to arrive at your home quickly. You know his or her first name and feel comfortable discussing your situation. Instead of working with a big name company, you get individualized attention.

Instead of working with the no-name person on the phone or the company website for a non-local provider, work with your local independent agent. He or she will ensure you get the best policy for you no matter which company you want to work with to get insurance protection. You can purchase with the confidence you need.

Does my Homeowners Policy cover my In-home Business?

No. Your homeowners policy does not cover your in-home business. Although in today’s economy more and more people are working from home to save money on commuting costs, they may never consider whether their current homeowners insurance will protect both their business assets and liability involved with running a business from home. Making sure you have adequate protection for both your home and your business should begin with comparing quotes online for this specialize coverage.

To cover in-home business assets, you will need to evaluate the value of these items and make sure you have specific business insurance in addition to your homeowners policy. If you have computers, fax machine, packing materials and inventory – you will want to make sure the items are protected in the event of a disaster or theft. This may be your main source of income and losing it would be devastating to you and your family. You will want to make sure your insurance policy will replace items quickly so you will be back in business in no time.

Another consideration is liability business coverage. If you sell items from your home and your clients come into your home to purchase products, if they were injured while conducting business, your homeowners insurance plan probably would not cover the expenses. Make sure you have the right insurance to cover in-home business liability expenses. You do not want to be stuck with paying out of pocket if a customer trips while coming down the stairs or is bitten by a skittish pet. You can find great business insurance coverage by comparing rates online and purchasing the policy that fits your needs. If you conduct business from your home, it is essential to have the right type of protection, and your homeowners insurance plan will not cover business claims.

Time to Review Your Business Insurance

Reviewing Policy RegularlyBusiness insurance embody all types of coverages mainly to protect the business owners from risk of loss. When one wants to start a new business, it is really adventurous and exciting. You need to plan many things when you start your business, for example, plot to start your business, inventory, employees, parking and many more things.  Any vehicle used for business, property and claims made legally against  the health insurance or the business  for employees, all these are covered in business insurance. Owning a business insurance becomes essential before investing on any venture.

Facts to Remember!

Business insurance has two important facts to keep in mind. As it requires huge investment to start,  protecting your investment is one aspect to keep in mind and secondly protect your customers. Your business can be sued at any moment, the reasons being, your bank account might be seized or under few circumstances you can be pierced by corporate veils. If your business is small then you are more likely for debts with your personal belongings.

For successful and continuous operation of your business you should get your business insurance else  you will have potential threats or many risks. To get your business insured you should contact a insurance professional or an insurance agent, but choose them carefully. It is better to welcome if any of your businesspeople recommend one. You should first know what your business does, about its future and then think of what all coverages are required that will help in the line of work before going to the insurance professional. After that contact your insurance professional. You should review your business insurance plan regularly in the initial stages, because many things keep changing in business. At later stages you may need extra coverages to protect your business. So keep monitoring the coverages regularly.

Don’t be fooled; there is no such thing as FREE shopping for Car Insurance

Posted by Jaideep Jayaram, Consumer Products, Webcetera (Parent company of AgentInsure.com)

Not FreeThere is a big misconception in the public that online shopping for car insurance is free!  There is no free. The sites that offer free comparison are actually gathering your information to sell to insurance agents, or are insurance companies who will try to sell you a policy. All expect something from you! Legitimate sites will have a disclosure that explains this, but most consumers never read the fine print. How many of us have read the agreement for Apple iPhone?

This is not to say that you should not get your rates online. You should. It helps you to compare rates and therefore you the consumer are in control and have choices.

However giving an insurance rate to a consumer is highly dependent on the consumer’s driving record and personal information, and in many cases, credit history.

What is a consumer to do to get a comparison of his or her rate?  The most important aspect would be to make sure you do not end up giving your personal information to a malicious website.

Choices when Shopping for Insurance

  1. Search on Google, Yahoo or Bing and take a wild swing at the websites that come up. Fill in your personal data.


    Pros and cons

    1. You have no idea who you are giving your data to, and even more wild is the fact that most of these really have no interest in giving you insurance rates. They are primarily in the business of making money by selling your information to companies who can then provide you insurance rates. It is called lead generation. Trouble is that they sell your information to multiple companies or agents. The more they sell the more money they make. You will then have five, ten or even twenty of these agents calling or emailing you to get your business. Makes your life a real nightmare!
    2. You really have no idea which of this these sites is legitimate.

  3. Go to an insurance carrier website, fill out your personal data and get a quote from that one carrier. Repeat for each additional insurance company from which you would like a quote.


    Pros and cons

    1. Painstaking. It is like going one by one to the websites of American Airlines, Delta, United, Southwest Airlines etc., and not being able to compare between them on a single screen.
    2. All of these carriers (Geico, Safeco, Progressive, Travelers, Esurance, Unitrin, and Liberty Mutual to name a few) are reputed companies and you can be sure, apart from receiving sales calls, your information is generally very safe.

  5. Go to a reputable insurance comparison company like www.agentinsure.com. You fill in your data and get instant live quotes from multiple carriers.


    Pros and cons

    1. This is very much like going to the Orbitz or Travelocity websites. You have the ability to compare rates with the safety of reputable company that is in the business of insurance technology. Note that AgentInsure has a large network of thousands of licensed agents throughout the country.
    2. The significant difference is that your information will go to only one insurance agent and you will communicate with that agent to buy the policy. Working with an agent could further reduce your rates as they understand your specific needs and wants. You would not get a financial planner by going online and selecting the cheapest and giving them your credit card…would you? Insurance process is not very different than this.
    3. These agents are licensed agents representing over 140 multiple national and regional carriers such as mentioned in option 2b.

Consumers should take note:

Before ANY insurance carrier finalizes your insurance policy, it is normal in most states to run a background report on you. There are three types of reports that are generally run. The first is called an MVR report that shows any accidents or violations that you may have had. The second is called a loss history report that shows payments that insurance companies have made whenever you have had a claim on prior insurance coverage that you have had. The last is a soft credit rating report (run in almost all states). They check if you have paid your bills on time, or have any outstanding financial issues. Bottom line, be honest – you cannot bypass the system and hope that nobody notices. Insurance carriers have legitimate reasons to understand your background. Again, talking to an agent and discussing your situation really helps you to understand your true cost of insurance.

Blog Disclaimer:

The writer of this article is an employee of Webcetera.  Feel free to disagree with me or challenge me, just keep it polite please.

Business at Home – Cover it With Insurance

Get It Covered With Home InsuranceWith advance in technology, an increasing number of people are operating from home. Estimation made currently gives an output of nearly 43 million businesses established at home. Although, most people do not think of adding coverages when decided to work from their home. However, there are some limited coverages on their home insurance policies. It may not be enough to protect various equipments which you might use for the business. Liability insurance is meant to protect your business when liable fr any damage caused to others property. If business visitors or say clients when visit your home, this kind of insurance becomes necessary. Injured business visitors claims will not be protected by your home owners policy, so while doing business if someone gets injured at your office then you will have to pay the bill to bare their medical expenses.

Building Business At Home

Businesses carried at home requires different covers, it all depends on work nature and how are they carried out. You can ask your agent to build a policy tailoring your needs.

  • Professional indemnity insurance is needed if you clients receive any advice by you. Say, If the information provided or work carried turns out to be faulty or the clients suffer a heavy financial loss, you will be liable for it.
  • Public liability insurance is necessary if you had to encounter a public member in relation to nature of your work. An injury suffered or sustained by a member, then public liability insurance covers the cost involved. This sort of claims can be expensive, and hence vital to be properly covered.
  • Business buildings insurance while you work from your home covers any damage caused due to disasters like floods and fires to your building. Remember, contents of your home is not covered with this insurance policy.

Home and Business Owners Combination Policy

The response from insurance industry on increase in number of home based businesses creates a combined comprehensive policy. You can now insure for nearly $200 per year to cover your business property worth of $10,000. The policy also includes general liability coverage. Because of any damage to your house, if your business needs to be closed then your in-home insurance policy will cover the incoming loss and outgoing expenses such as payroll for employees up to an year. A limited coverage is provided for any loss of accounts receivable, valuable documents, off-site business property and any use of equipments.

Business People Get Online Car Insurance Rates

Value Your TimeBusiness people don’t have time to waste, so when it’s time to buy a new car insurance policy, they look for online car insurance rates. Online car insurance rates are often lower than insurance rates anywhere else, especially when you get the special online car insurance rates offered by a number of reliable insurance comparison sites such as AgentInsure. What’s more, it’s easier and more efficient to request online quotes for a new car insurance policy through a comparison site on the Internet. No matter where you are – at lunch with a client, at the office or on the road for a business trip – so long as you have Internet access, you’ll immediately receive a number of free quotes from leading auto insurance companies in your mailbox.

Comparing car insurance rates
With all of the important information on your computer, handheld or laptop’s screen, you can compare the rates for the different policies at your leisure and even request more details or different quotes if you want to find out more. Better yet, none of the quotes are binding, so you don’t have to be worried about being locked into any policy or price until you’re absolutely sure it’s the one you want. And that allows you to shop around until you find the best online car insurance rates, with the most affordable monthly premium and a reasonable deductible. When time is money, business people get online car insurance rates for maximum efficiency, top-notch coverage and the lowest rates!