Know the Deals Before You Buy the Wheels: Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

Compare for Best QuotesWhen you’re thinking of buying a new car, it’s a good idea to start comparing auto insurance quotes ahead of time. Though the cost of insurance might not be first and foremost in your mind when you’re admiring that shiny new sports car at the dealership, you should be aware that the type of car you buy will in large part determine how high your insurance premium will be.

Comparing insurance
Insurance rates vary widely depending on the model car you drive. Hybrids don’t only get you a nice tax rebate at the end of the year, they also get you an average of 10% discount on your insurance premiums. In contrast, SUVs are expensive to insure. Though many drivers choose SUVs because they feel safe to drive, SUVs are costly to repair and are among the most stolen types of vehicles each year. In addition, though SUVs are sturdy, they’re also heavy and tend to cause a lot of damage to other vehicles in accidents, resulting in higher claims and therefore higher insurance premiums. A regular sedan that’s equipped with safety devices such as anti-brake locks and airbags, as well as an approved anti-theft device, will in most cases come in somewhere between the two aforementioned vehicles.

Other factors to consider when comparing auto insurance quotes
Of course, the type of car you drive isn’t the sole determining factor when it comes to insurance premiums. Insurance carriers also consider other factors such as your driving record and how many miles you drive each month. Take all of these aspects into account when buying a new car so you’re not surprised by your car insurance rates after you’ve sealed the deal!