Keep Your Holidays Affordable and Safe

Keep Your Holidays Affordable and SafeWhen Christmas is nearing, it marks the holiday season and all set to blow your budget. Even when trying to set money aside, somehow you will still end up spending more than you always planned. Below are the tips to keep your holidays affordable.

  1. Shop this Christmas: There will be many deals and offers set this Christmas. Be it any decorative items, ornaments, lights etc buy them now and after the celebration keep it aside to make use of it for next year. Most of the items will be marked down by 50-70% the normal price, saving your money for next time.
  2. Go Green: Instead of buying flowers to decorate, step out and find the green available outside your house. Decorative yet which costs nothing. Fresh sprigs of pine, apothecary and holly can enrich the look.
  3. Prior Shopping: Try shopping a little earlier than on the Christmas day to get good deals. Prices usually go high on the festive day. Else try to shop after Thanksgiving which gives you good discounts and offers.
  4. Do not buy in excess: Buying unnecessary and not useful gifts will be a waste of money. Instead plan to buy gifts only for kids. Arrange for a dinner get together to share a meal and not money. Talk to friends and ask for a celebration together and not for exchange of gifts.
  5. Cost effective party: Partying this holiday is so much of fun. Without breaking your bank account, you can plan a party within your budget. Do not supply a complete bar, instead offer just a wine or beer. Make some time to cook yourself rather than ordering food from caterers. If you cannot make time, then organize a pot luck and have a grand celebration.

Avoiding Catastrophes with a Christmas Tree

Avoiding Catastrophes with a Christmas TreeEveryone is busy decorating their Christmas tree with bells, toys, lights, flowers and many more. Be it on the streets, stores, shops, malls and even at home you will find a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, there is always some risk involved with decorating the tree, be it artificial or real, short or 10 feet tall. Below are some safety precautions which on following can prevent the catastrophes.

Tree Fires

As per the survey made by National Fire Protection Association, Christmas tree fire does not occur frequently but yes when occurs it causes serious injuries, home damage and even death. A small spark created by lights or nearby fire place is enough to ignite the fire. Hence, make sure to thoroughly check for faulty wiring or any frays. Place your Christmas tree far from fireplace or heat sources. A report also says a watered tree is less likely to catch the fire than the dry ones.


If you have children or pets at home then you will have to be more cautious. The small lights or ornaments used to decorate the Christmas tree looks more attractive to kids or pets. They tend to pull them out of curiosity which can cause a choking hazard. Ensure to keep such items far away from kids or pets, out of arms reach.

Electrical Hazards

Everyone would love to decorate the Christmas tree with more of lights and crowd it with possible electrical outlets which easily piles up to cause an electrical shock. The tree alone would not cause any harm, so make sure to check if all the lights are in good working condition. Also, do not load the outlets, instead use power strips to handle all the plugs. With all these in mind, now you are all ready to decorate your Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

Cooling Your Car from Summer Heat

Cooling your Car from Summer HeatTo beat the heat, you get into swimming pools, wear comfortable clothes and prefer air condition and keep the cool. Like we, even cars take the heat and needs to be cooled down. Below are certain ways in which you can beat the summer.

Car Cooling System

Be it any vehicle, on long distance driving it gets heated up. If the cooling system of your car is not properly functioning then it can cause over heat and break down. Pressure created due to long journeys will need more of air conditioning to the system to run smoothly. As per Automotive Service Association (ASA), a thorough check on coolants is a must. Make sure the coolant tanks are filled up to mark. If you find any contamination, flush out the cooling system. Do not randomly pick any coolants as it is cheap. Use proper mix of coolants recommended by the manuals. Check for wear and tear parts, drive belts, hoses and pipes of radiator, fan blades etc. If you fail to do so, you might end up in the middle of your road trip.

Check for Battery

Ensure battery is seated at it’s right place and no vibration while driving. More of vibration can cause battery to wear off and also gets heated up during long drives. High temperature outside can evaporate battery fluid. Accessories such as DVD players, radio or GPS systems will also add to the pressure on the battery. Hence, get your battery checked, if it is more than 2 or 3 years old and replace if required.

Safety Measures to Curb Heat

  • Park your vehicles in shade as much as possible during summer
  • Do not leave pets or children alone in the vehicle
  • If the vehicle was parked under the sun for long time, keep doors and windows open for sometime before getting into the vehicle.
  • Any metal parts such as seat belts buckle or steering wheel etc gets heated up when exposed to sun. Avoid sudden contact with them as you get into the vehicle.

Tips to Decide on Your Home Insurance Plan

Tips to decide your Home Insurance PlanThere are many home insurance companies giving you different types of policies. Every policy has different plans. It solemnly depends on you to choose the best policy which suits your needs and fulfills your requirements. Below are certain tips which can be useful in deciding home insurance plan to secure your house.

  • Do not jump into any conclusion and select which ever quote comes first. Do a little research on insurance companies, take as many quotes possible, talk to different agents and narrow down on search. Remember to do quote comparisons.
  • Different companies offer different discounts. Talk to the agent and find out the discounts offered in every plan, starting from safety devices, senior citizen to multiple insurance discounts. Every factor will fetch little or more discounts on your policy. Check and then proceed.
  • Depending on your location, check for perils such as earthquake, floods, hurricanes etc which occur often and hence you need to be fully covered. Not all insurance companies cover disasters due to such perils. Check with your insurance policy much before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Finding a reliable and reputable insurance company also matters. Make sure, you do a thorough research on the company and ensure it has good reviews, revenue and in business for long time now. Also check how claim process works. You can talk to your friends or relatives about their insurance companies and choose the one which is ideal for you. There are also other means such as state department of insurance, yellow pages, state library, insurance news which keeps you updated on current news in the insurance market making your search easy.
  • Any insurance company you sign a contract with, carries a good amount of your money and prized possessions. Hence, it becomes important to rely upon and feel confident about the insurance company and their policy. Be clear with all the terms and conditions listed under your policy to avoid any problems in future.