When Bad Things Happen in Your Good Name

Do not be It's VictimA thief can pretend to be you if he gets access to your date of birth, social security number or even the address and telephone number. The thieves can access your bank accounts,new credit card accounts, get an employment, establish utility company accounts, rent an apartment or house in your name. Identity theft is a new type of protection plan insurance that claims to protect one from costs that has happened for the identity theft and the process to clean the mess when somebody steals your identity. A related service to identity theft is credit monitoring. It reviews the credit report at one of the main credit reporting agencies and then notifies if any changes are required, may be change in address,inquires on your account, new credit accounts in your name so that these will not create problem.

Steps to Avoid Before Becoming a Victim of identity Theft

  1. SSN card is very important do not carry where ever you go. Keep it in a secure place.
  2. 2.Avoid using pin numbers which are too easy to guess for example phone number or date of birth.
  3. 2.Keep monitoring your accounts Online : Sign up in your accounts if your bank allows you to view online. To ensure that no unauthorized charges have been made on your accounts log-in in to your account and keep checking periodically. Do not tell your log-in details to any one and do not write it down any where. Keep all the details in a safe place.
  4. Pick Up Your Check Order : Another way thieves get to know your identity is by stealing your checks. A thief can use your checks and also create a new check to make his purchases by checking and routing your account number.

Bonehead Moves to Avoid When You’re Behind the Wheel, Part 1

GroomingPeople compare auto quotes all the time, going over the fine print of their proposed insurance agreements until that fine print becomes nothing more than a blur. But while there are many things that you can look for to ensure you’re getting the cheapest quote on auto insurance, it’s what you do behind the wheel that really has the biggest impact on how much you pay—as well as what you don’t do. Avoiding certain behaviors, like the ones below, are your best bet to avoiding accidents and securing a cheap car insurance rate.

  • Reading at the Wheel: That’s right, reading at the wheel. You may be thinking to yourself right now (or even shouting it aloud) “Who the heck reads while they’re driving??” But the fact is, there are more people out there than you’d care to imagine who enjoy breaking up the monotony of a long drive by busting out their favorite paperback. If you absolutely have to keep up with the latest adventures of Harry Potter and friends, just make sure you’re listening to the audiobook while you drive.
  • Working at the Wheel: The busybody never stops, even when it’s time to settle down and pay attention to the road ahead. Talking on the phone to clients, reading and responding to email, and jotting down notes are common activities of people who turn their cars into extensions of their office.
  • Grooming at the Wheel: We’re all guilty of taking quick glances in the rearview mirror to make sure our hair isn’t too tousled, but the vast majority of us do this while stopped at a light, or waiting for a pedestrian to clear our path. And yet from time to time, you’ll actually witness people grooming themselves while in full motion, whether it’s the guy in the Camaro combing his hair or the lady in the Focus applying eyeliner at 65 mph.

You can compare auto quotes all day, but that fact is you’re probably wasting your time if you partake in any of the activities listed above. Sooner or later, your accident record will start to cost you heavily.