Thieves Make Homeowner Insurance a Great Idea

Home Insurance as SaviorMost people carry homeowners insurance because they’re required to, never feeling as though they’ll really ever need it and wishing they had the ability to opt out. Of course, this requirement comes as a condition of the bank’s requirements if you’re mortgaging your home – and once that mortgage is paid off, you aren’t legally required to carry it. But should you continue to do so anyway? The best homeowner insurance advice points to yes. And one of the primary reasons may not be what you expected it to be.

Instances of burglars suing property owners for hurting themselves while in the commission of a crime have seen an increase in recent years. Although they’re rare, and on many occasions they don’t end up in a monetary windfall for criminals, enough have. And they serve to drive home the importance of always carrying a homeowners insurance policy to protect you, even if you live in a part of the country that puts you at minimal risk for natural disasters and the likelihood is slim that you’ll ever need to file a claim.

Whether your home insurance needs are compulsory or self-determined, you can get a homeowners quote online that will connect you with the most affordable insurers in your immediate area.

How to Buy Car Insurance for a Classic Car

Know How to Buy ?Classic car owners looking to buy car insurance should be very careful when requesting easy car insurance quotes. Think about it: when you’ve finally bought that 1965 Pontiac GTO Bonneville you’ve been dreaming of for years, you want it to be insured for its full classic car value, don’t you? Unfortunately, many classic car owners aren’t aware of the fact that standard car insurance insures your car for its depreciated blue book value, also referred to as Actual Cash Value or ACV, which in no way represents a collectible’s value. So what should you look for when you want to buy car insurance for a classic car?

Stated value insurance coverage. The stated value allows you to state how much the car is worth and does not bind you to the blue book value. However, the insurance carrier might not meet your stated value completely, and your classic car can still devaluate under stated value insurance coverage. Be sure to read the fine print on these types of insurance policies.

Agreed value insurance coverage. The agreed value insures your car fully for the agreed value, which you negotiate with the insurance carrier. With agreed value insurance coverage, your vehicle doesn’t depreciate, which makes it the preferred choice for classic car owners.

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AgentInsure makes finding the best deal on classic car insurance easy and efficient. Simply enter your information in the online form and you’ll immediately receive a number of quotes for your review. You also have the option of contacting a licensed agent in your area to discuss any details you’re concerned about. To buy car insurance for a classic car, request your free quote from AgentInsure today!

Getting an Online Car Insurance Quote Fast

Check for the tipsIf you need to renew your car insurance and don’t have the necessary time to talk to several different insurers, it’s still possible to find the right price. If time is of the essence, visiting local auto insurers and talking to reps in person may no longer be an option. If that’s the case, consider getting an online car insurance quote.

There are numerous websites that’ll give you fast car insurance quotes, but their methods aren’t always compatible. Here are a few tips to get a quick online car insurance quote.

  • Use websites that aren’t affiliated with car insurance companies. This way, you’ll not only be given access to accurate pricing information through comparison tools, but these websites may have public forums where you can read what the insurance company’s customers are saying about them.
  • If you visit the website of an established car insurance company, don’t bother using their services unless they have a similar comparison tool that’ll let you see how their prices stack up against the competition.
  • In order to speed things up, have all of your information ready. This not only includes your vehicle’s VIN number and mileage, but also the dates of any tickets or accidents you’ve had in the past. Have this handy will prevent you from having to start all over again once you gather the necessary information.


Tips on Finding the Right Car Insurance Company

Check for the TipsAuto insurance providers aren’t what you’d call “a dime a dozen” but there are an awful lot of them out there. If you’re the type of person who’d much rather deal with a dedicated car insurance agent you can actually look in the face than the next available representative, you might need to shop around. Here’s a short checklist that offers tips on picking the car insurance company that’s right for you.

  • Ask around. Even today, where just about all the information you could ever use is available online, word of mouth still reigns supreme to connect with quality auto insurance providers. If you’ve talked to your family and friends and still want a professional opinion, contact a local auto body shop and ask their opinion. They work with car insurance companies all the time and should be able to give you an insider’s perspective.
  • Find an independent agent. Not every car insurance agent works for a specific insurer – some act as brokers by pairing up prospective customers with insurance companies. An independent agent will be in a far better position to pair you up with the insurance company that’s right for you, rather than someone who’s employed by the car insurer whose job it is to convince you to do business with them.
  • Don’t be afraid to break a few hearts. The fact is, insurance companies are in the business of competing for your business. To that end, you should never sign a contract with any insurance agent unless you’re completely satisfied with the coverage and the rate you’ll be paying. You have the right to walk away at any time during discussions, even if it pains the agent sitting on the other side of the desk. Not being afraid to part ways amicably is part of finding the insurance company that’s right for you.


Some Facts About Condo Insurance

Condo owners have benefits that aren’t shared by the average homeowner, in particular freedom from having to care for landscaping and being able to benefit from security services provided by their condominium association. However many condo dwellers question whether or not they should pay extra for private condo insurance coverage. Many are under the false assumption that insurance coverage is provided by the condo association, but this isn’t always the case. To find out whetFacts - Good to Knowher or not you’re a candidate for a supplemental condo insurance policy, read on.

Misconceptions About your Master Insurance Policy
If you live in a condo, you probably pay monthly dues that go towards what’s called a “master insurance policy.” But don’t mistake this for an insurance policy that’ll cover you in the event of damage to your personal property. Your condo’s master insurance policy only goes so far as to cover the following.

  • Damage to common property that all residents in your association use. This means that if the pool clubhouse is damaged in a fire, the master insurance policy will pay for it. However you won’t be covered if you burn your kitchen down trying out a new recipe.
  • Personal injuries that occur in common areas. If someone slips and hurts themselves in the parking lot, the association will pay for this. But if you or a guest slips and breaks a bone while trying to put out the fire in your kitchen, you’ll be responsible for covering the medical damages.
  • Burglary and vandalism to common areas. As with everything else that’s covered by the condo’s master insurance policy, only common property items that are stolen or vandalized are covered. If someone breaks into your condo and takes you for everything you’re worth, this isn’t covered.

Supplemental condo insurance coverage isn’t required, but strongly recommended if you want to safeguard your personal property and ensure adequate protection against bodily injury.