Technology to Keep Sloshed Drivers off the Road

Technology to Avoid Accidents Due to IntoxicationThe Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration together have joined hands to prevent drunken driving and accidents related to it. Preventing the cars with drunken drivers to hit the road will be the first step towards avoiding severe injuries and accidents. The organizations are funding for a research, Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS). The groups have funded nearly $10 million to make this project fruitful.

New Technologies by DADSS

This technology is developing an in-vehicle system which can prevent the drivers whose blood alcohol limit is more than legal limit, say 0.08. Ignition interlock device is being made use currently. This device is wired to your car’s electrical system that has small breath analyzers wired to it. In case, the driver is found to be drunk with blood alcohol level above 0.08, then the engine would not start. With this technology showing good results, DADSS wants to come up with more and more innovations as such to curb drunken driving related accidents which are more effective, easily affordable, user friendly, does not require high maintenance and can reach out to public.

Two new inventions have been made by DADSS in order to measure alcohol level: distant  spectrometry and tissue spectrometry. Tissue spectrometry measures alcohol concentration through ‘touch’ methodology. When device is touched by the drunken driver, a scan will occur and an infrared light passes through the driver’s skin and appears on surface, where the touch pad analyzes, collects the data and determines alcohol concentration in driver’s tissue.
In distant spectrometry, driver’s breath is used as the source to detect alcohol level. Here alcohol concentration is determined by measuring carbon dioxide from driver’s breath. It does not involve any contact method, detects only from the driver but not other passengers.

These devices require a lot of funding and many organizations along with insurance companies of U.S have taken up endorsing in order to prevent accidents and deaths due to drunken driving. Though it costs lot of money, installation of such devices can save many lives. Also, this would not prohibit and U.S citizen from enjoying his/her life. They can always enjoy a glass of wine on their dinner table or party with beer.