Insurance Tips for Classic Car Owners

Owning a classic car is the dream of many people. Perhaps you want to get that same car you drove as a teenager to restore and drive on the weekends, or maybe you want a true antique to take to car shows. No matter which type of classic car you have in mind, there is one thing you have to keep in mind—insurance.

Insuring a classic car is a bit different from a regular car. The details will mainly depend on how often you drive the car. If you are driving it once or twice a year to a car show, you may be able to get a significantly reduced rate; however, if you are going to take it racing on the weekends, you may need more insurance than a standard car.

One of the tips that comes up time and time again amongst classic car enthusiasts is to find an independent agent that specializes in this type of insurance. While it can be tempting to work with a big, faceless company, you will get the care you need by talking directly with an agent.

Do not try driving your car without some form of insurance. Classic cars are even more likely to break down than a traditional car, and if you find yourself on the side of the road, a police officer will be asking for your insurance information and the car’s registration. Not insuring your car can cost you way more than what you pay for your small monthly policy.

Another piece of advice is to make sure you get insurance that covers the full value of the car, not just the book value. A well-restored old classic is likely worth considerably more than the book value. You could wind up in some serious hot water if you do not insure for the full value and you wind up getting into an accident or otherwise causing damage to the vehicle.

Classic car owners want the very best for their car, which is often more than simply a mode of transportation; it is normally an investment too. Insurance is not a place where you should try to cut back to save money—however, saving money is a possibility if you work with an agent that understands your needs and can help you figure out how to get the best rate without sacrificing coverage.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Local Independent Agent to Purchase an Insurance Policy?

Using an independent agent to purchase any insurance policy is a good idea. An independent agent is an individual or a company that works with various insurance companies. Rather than representing just one provider, this agent works with numerous organizations. From the prospective of the customer, this is a very good thing. It provides a wide range of benefits to you.

Comparative Quotes Are Easy

The key benefit of working with this type of agent when you need to purchase a policy is that he or she works for you, not for the insurance company. This means he or she will help you to get quotes from numerous companies so you can easily compare them. You can get a quote from three, four, or even more national and local insurance companies all within the same amount of time. Even better, you do not have to deal with pushy sales agents. Your independent agent handles that for you.

Policy Right for You

The benefits of using an independent agent to buy insurance also include the fact that you can get all types of insurance you need at one time. This may include:

  • Homeowner’s insurance policies including add-ons
  • Auto insurance policies
  • Business property insurance
  • Recreational vehicle insurance
  • Business liability insurance
  • Renter’s insurance

If there is any other type of insurance that you need, your independent agent will help you to find it. Then, the agent will work with you to find discounts you may qualify for including bundle discounts. This means you end up paying far less for the coverage you need.

Why Local Matters Too

Hiring a local independent agent is even better. This allows you the ability to have someone on your side all the time. If you need to file a claim, you know whom to call. You can expect your agent to arrive at your home quickly. You know his or her first name and feel comfortable discussing your situation. Instead of working with a big name company, you get individualized attention.

Instead of working with the no-name person on the phone or the company website for a non-local provider, work with your local independent agent. He or she will ensure you get the best policy for you no matter which company you want to work with to get insurance protection. You can purchase with the confidence you need.

Steps to Take After an Automobile Accident Occurs

When an accident occurs, it is scary and can cause you to be very disoriented. Even though it may seem almost impossible to focus in the minutes immediately after the impact, you can do so if you work very hard to stay calm and follow some simple guidelines. These automobile accident steps will help you to know what to do when an accident occurs. We have kept it simple so that you can remember these automobile accident steps even in time of crisis.

First: Call For Help

The first thing that you need to do is call for help. Don’t try to move your vehicle, or make any changes to the scene of the accident, but rather place your safety needs and the safety needs of others first. Call 911 and report the accident. The dispatcher will send police officers as well as an ambulance that can help transport any injured parties to the hospital.

Next: Watch Your Words

Use good judgment when it comes to speaking about the accident. Do not speak to the other party in the accident, and never admit guilt even if you think you may have been responsible. That is up to the police and insurance company to determine and these situations are rarely black and white. Discuss the accident only with the police officers responding to the accident scene, and simply tell them your impression of how the accident occurred. During their initial interview post-accident the police will ask for your insurance information, so be sure that you provide them with this.

Finally: Call Your Agent

Call your insurance agent as soon as you possibly can. Tell your agent that you were in an auto accident and give them all the information they will need to get started on your case. Your agent will ask for information on the police report, so have that with you when you call.

Use these smart tips to make sure that you are protected after the accident. Your agent is your partner here, and will help you to deal with this difficult situation as efficiently as quickly as possible.

What are the Advantages to Using an Agent in Your Area to Purchase Insurance?

There are several advantages to using an insurance agent in your area when purchasing an insurance policy. If you want someone who knows the area and is familiar with the types of claims that are commonly filed, a local agent will be best. Local insurance agents are also able to respond quickly if there is a natural disaster in your location. When looking online for insurance quotes, you can find a knowledgeable insurance agent in your area and get started with your policy right away.

One of the advantages to using an insurance agent locally is that he will understand the types of claims that are often filed. If you live in a winter climate where people often have claims from snow and ice, your local agent can make sure you have enough coverage. If you live in an area where flooding is likely, your local insurance provider can make sure you have all of the necessary protection in place. Another great advantage when purchasing an insurance policy with a local agent is response time. If a tornado or hurricane has devastated your town, your local insurance agent will be able to help quickly. You will not have to wait to make a claim for emergency housing if your home was destroyed and you should be able to rent a car quickly while yours is being repaired.

You should always compare quotes with various providers when shopping for insurance. Whether you are looking for home or auto coverage, the rates will vary with different companies. If you are on a tight budget and you need affordable coverage for a reasonable price, comparing quotes will help you find an insurance agent in your area who knows your specific needs.

Might Your Insurance Agent Lie to You?

Might your Insurance Agent Lie to you?Insurance agents often fail to enjoy high levels of trust. However, they do know the laws of the state(s) in which they are licensed. Most of them are also committed to properly protecting the assets of their clients and want to secure a long-term, successful relationship with their insureds. Further, most experienced insurance agents also offer solid advice to their clients concerning appropriate insurance coverage for their specific needs.

As a client, you have certain responsibilities that help your agent offer the best advice for your situation. You must clearly state the coverage you want and can afford. Learning as much as you can about your state laws and regulations help you be a better informed shopper. As a knowledgeable client, you help your agent offer better advice and you will understand the insurance quotes that you prefer.

Should you lack the information you need to understand and compare insurance quotes, your agent cannot offer the best advice. While he/she will not lie to you, even the most experienced insurance agent may not have sufficient information to design the best program for you. Doing your part to communicate data on the assets you want covered and the amount of insurance that makes you comfortable allows you to intelligently compare multiple quotes for identical coverage.

There is no benefit to you or the agent by giving or acting on misinformation. For example, should an agent recommend minimum coverage to save you premium cost, you will not be happy if you suffer a major uncovered loss. Should your agent recommend more coverage, which you specifically reject, you cannot blame the agent for misinforming you. Obviously, the agent did not lie or lead you to insurance coverage that was insufficient or inappropriate for you.

Home insurance coverage is a bit more straightforward than auto insurance plans. It is tempting to save money by buying your state-required minimum auto coverage. However, if you own a home and have other personal assets, your agent may recommend higher coverage amounts to better protect you. Not only is your agent not lying to you, he/she is offering wise advice that you should follow.

Understanding Car and Co-Insurance

Understanding Car and Co-InsuranceRates comparison before buying a car insurance policy in Virginia is recommended with wide variety of policies and different companies giving you their best quotes online. All you need to do is take little time of yours and obtain the best quote by quotes comparison which can save your money and hence obtain the best deal for you. Your car insurance policy should define your needs and requirements, suitable for your budget. Opting for the best amongst many carriers in Virginia when made easy, roll out that time and get a car insurance of your choice.

Now Coinsurance

Do not do the mistake of signing up for just the face value or less than the face value if you insure something, be it a house or its content. Hence sign up for a co-insurance policy to know how and what exactly replaces the face value of a structure built or any of your prized possession. When a claim is made and the amount is being paid by the insurance company, do not agree for anything less than what is required and instead pay for it out of your own pocket. Co-insurance has a clause where you will pay only a share of the expense incurred and rest will be paid by your home insurance policy. To end up obtaining 100% of your claim amount, talk to your agent today and get the best out of co-insurance and keep yourself updated with your policy.

Get A Good Rate

With a wide competitive insurance market in Virginia, you would enjoy your buy provided you shed out that extra time to gain certain knowledge on how a car insurance policy works and on how to make a smart choice when deciding on coverages. Having a car insurance is made mandatory, but opting for affordable and best policy is your choice. Get multiple quotes from different companies before you decide on any company and policy type. It is always better to talk to an agent, clarify your doubts and then proceed to obtain a Virginia car insurance policy.

Home Protection: Preventing Fire

Home Protection : Preventing FireIf you insure your home with Arkansas home insurance, you can protect your home against damages caused to the contents in the house as well as the house. As your home is one of the big assets, it has to be protected from damages, like in case of fire, flood or any disaster. If you are planning to buy home insurance, plan before only. Take your time and make a proper decision. Do not take any decision on spot without doing research. Plan what type of insurance you need and how much insurance is required. Like how you shop in market for any consumer product, in the same way you should shop for the home insurance and purchase it finally. Try to put effort in understanding and shopping for insurance policy. Ensure that you compare the prices, the insurance policy coverages and their conditions and about their complaint information. Do a little bit research about the coverage options that is suitable for you. Just do not depend on what others tell you, talk with your agent and take his help to choose the ideal coverage for you. Always find an agent who can spend time to discuss about your needs and to judge what meets your needs the best.

5000 people are being killed every year in U.S because of house fires. If you are thinking that the deaths are because of burns of fire, it is caused because of other toxic gases and inhaling smoke.
Most of the household fires are not because of the mechanical failure of ovens or stoves, but it is through human error only.
You can properly maintain and install smoke detectors to ensure your safety. If the smoke detectors are working in proper condition in your home then you are twice safe in surviving from fire.
You can place a carbon monoxide cylinders or fire extinguishers on every corner of your home in addition to placing a smoke detector on each level of home. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless poisonous gas that can kill people without warning. So be cautious while using them and better have them examined every six months for any leakage.

Special Car Insurance Considerations for Members of the Military

Car Insurance for Military MembersThe rate of your insurance can be determined by the kind of vehicle you have. While providing a quote for you from the Alabama car insurance company, theft rate and vehicles value is always considered. Its not only Alabama car insurance company which considers this but many car insurance companies do. Your insurance cost may increase depending upon the area of residence which is another important factor. If you are living in a rural area, your insurance cost will be less when compared to living in a city. This is because in cities, cases like damage of the car due to violations, accidents will be more. How often you drive your car also determines your price of the car insurance because the more you drive more chances are there of meeting with accidents. If you are involved with the accident or traffic violation you will be charged high price.
You can suspend your car insurance coverage to save some premium amount if no one is driving your car for a long time. Many car insurance companies do not allow the coverages to be suspended.

  • You can suspend your car coverages by contacting your state insurance department and also your agent for policy limitations and specific laws applicable in Alabama. When you are deployed, contact your agent to know whether the coverages like collison, liability, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured and personal injury protection can be suspended or not.
  • To avoid yourself from being fined for failure on maintaining insurance, you will have to file an affidavit on non-use of motor vehicle to your state departm. If you have suspended the coverage, money will not be recovered if your vehicle is damaged due to weather, flood or vandalism, hit and run case.

Don’t be fooled; there is no such thing as FREE shopping for Car Insurance

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Not FreeThere is a big misconception in the public that online shopping for car insurance is free!  There is no free. The sites that offer free comparison are actually gathering your information to sell to insurance agents, or are insurance companies who will try to sell you a policy. All expect something from you! Legitimate sites will have a disclosure that explains this, but most consumers never read the fine print. How many of us have read the agreement for Apple iPhone?

This is not to say that you should not get your rates online. You should. It helps you to compare rates and therefore you the consumer are in control and have choices.

However giving an insurance rate to a consumer is highly dependent on the consumer’s driving record and personal information, and in many cases, credit history.

What is a consumer to do to get a comparison of his or her rate?  The most important aspect would be to make sure you do not end up giving your personal information to a malicious website.

Choices when Shopping for Insurance

  1. Search on Google, Yahoo or Bing and take a wild swing at the websites that come up. Fill in your personal data.


    Pros and cons

    1. You have no idea who you are giving your data to, and even more wild is the fact that most of these really have no interest in giving you insurance rates. They are primarily in the business of making money by selling your information to companies who can then provide you insurance rates. It is called lead generation. Trouble is that they sell your information to multiple companies or agents. The more they sell the more money they make. You will then have five, ten or even twenty of these agents calling or emailing you to get your business. Makes your life a real nightmare!
    2. You really have no idea which of this these sites is legitimate.

  3. Go to an insurance carrier website, fill out your personal data and get a quote from that one carrier. Repeat for each additional insurance company from which you would like a quote.


    Pros and cons

    1. Painstaking. It is like going one by one to the websites of American Airlines, Delta, United, Southwest Airlines etc., and not being able to compare between them on a single screen.
    2. All of these carriers (Geico, Safeco, Progressive, Travelers, Esurance, Unitrin, and Liberty Mutual to name a few) are reputed companies and you can be sure, apart from receiving sales calls, your information is generally very safe.

  5. Go to a reputable insurance comparison company like You fill in your data and get instant live quotes from multiple carriers.


    Pros and cons

    1. This is very much like going to the Orbitz or Travelocity websites. You have the ability to compare rates with the safety of reputable company that is in the business of insurance technology. Note that AgentInsure has a large network of thousands of licensed agents throughout the country.
    2. The significant difference is that your information will go to only one insurance agent and you will communicate with that agent to buy the policy. Working with an agent could further reduce your rates as they understand your specific needs and wants. You would not get a financial planner by going online and selecting the cheapest and giving them your credit card…would you? Insurance process is not very different than this.
    3. These agents are licensed agents representing over 140 multiple national and regional carriers such as mentioned in option 2b.

Consumers should take note:

Before ANY insurance carrier finalizes your insurance policy, it is normal in most states to run a background report on you. There are three types of reports that are generally run. The first is called an MVR report that shows any accidents or violations that you may have had. The second is called a loss history report that shows payments that insurance companies have made whenever you have had a claim on prior insurance coverage that you have had. The last is a soft credit rating report (run in almost all states). They check if you have paid your bills on time, or have any outstanding financial issues. Bottom line, be honest – you cannot bypass the system and hope that nobody notices. Insurance carriers have legitimate reasons to understand your background. Again, talking to an agent and discussing your situation really helps you to understand your true cost of insurance.

Blog Disclaimer:

The writer of this article is an employee of Webcetera.  Feel free to disagree with me or challenge me, just keep it polite please.

Captive or Independent Agent – Note The Difference

Independent Or Captive - You Get to ChooseFor residents of Ohio owning an insurance policy is a must. However, you will be perplexed by the decision on whom to approach and how to avail an insurance that best suits your requirements. There are two types of insurance agents who will make your search easy, an independent agent and a captive insurance agent. A brief knowledge on how these agents work will help you decide on whom to approach.

Differentiating The Agents

Captive agents are insurance agents employed by one company and they will insure their clients only with that company. They are bounded by an agreement by that company to work for them. These companies are usually very large providing wide variety of insurance policies, services and products. The agents will be employed by the companies. Some fresh agents prefer to start as a captive agent as they will be promised with fixed wages and enjoy other benefits. Some companies do provide their leads to kick start their business as independent agents. When you ask for a quote from this agent, he will help you with rates of that company. A captive agent has an added benefit to choose multiple lines of insurance in same company.

Independent insurance agents does not work for one specific company, but rather for multiple companies at same time. With an independent agent the customer can also enjoy the experience of ‘shopping around’. He will have contacts with most of the insurance companies of Ohio and is authorized to sell their products and obtain the customer a best deal possible. Independent agent will be paid commissions by the company for which he will provide the lead. Here the agents get to operate in one line such as either home or car or life. An independent agents has to take up the responsibility on his own to start a new business and bear all the expenses of successfully running his office. Independent agents have more flexibility in finding lower insurance rates.

Opting for The Best

When shopping for insurance, it’s always a good idea to contact both captive and independent agents to get the best price comparisons. Every Ohioan’s need and requirement is different. Based on your home location, occupation, annual income, miles driven, car model and many other accessories your car insurance and home insurance policy rates vary. Here, be the success of any agent depends on his capability to sell a policy. It depends on you as an individual to grow networks, utilize your time, maintain a good relation with the  agents and obtain an insurance policy that fits your budget.