Does my current coverage allow for roadside assistance?

When an emergency occurs on the road, it may be necessary to call for a tow truck or a similar emergency service. The problem is that some insurance policies may not have roadside assistance as part of the coverage. Before assuming that you are covered for the situation, you should evaluate your plan and compare different policies to determine your options.

Basic Policies

A basic policy will not usually provide roadside assistance unless you add the coverage to the plan. The details of any policy can vary, but you should always make sure you are fully aware of the coverage that you purchased before you assume that roadside assistance is part of the plan.

Even though a basic policy may not cover the situation, it is usually possible to add the coverage to your plan. Emergency road service coverage is usually available as a separate policy or as an addition to the current plan.

Comprehensive Plans

Although a basic plan may not provide roadside assistance as a standard part of coverage, comprehensive policies may offer some options for emergency services. When it is part of a policy, you will want to evaluate the full extent of the coverage before you determine that it is appropriate for your needs and goals.

The amount of coverage may be limited, so it is important to determine exactly how much protection you have against emergency situations.

Buying Additional Coverage

If you discover that your policy has inadequate coverage for emergency services, then you may want to add to the plan or purchase a separate policy. Compare a variety of policies and quotes to determine if a particular plan is appropriate for the situation. Keep in mind that every policy and company offers different coverage amounts, so you may need to compare several plans before making a final decision about a policy.

An agent can help you compare your options by providing several different policies from multiple insurance providers. You can then look for the coverage that you want within the price range that you feel is reasonable for your insurance.

Determining if you have coverage for emergency roadside services can depend on the policy you purchased and the details of your plan. In some cases, it may be necessary to add the coverage to your policy to avoid any complications and get the most out of the plan. Contact us today to talk to an agent for more details.

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