Reasons Why You May Need Short Term Car Insurance

Who needs short term car insurance? You might be surprised.

Maybe you don’t normally drive a car. You’re a public-transportation kind of person. But you’re taking a trip next month and you suddenly need car insurance. Or maybe you’ve just bought a new car and you’d like to drive it before your main auto insurance policy kicks in to cover it. Or perhaps a friend or family member who is not currently on your auto insurance policy will be driving your vehicle for a few days. These are all good reasons for short term car insurance.

At its most basic, short term car insurance, also known as temporary insurance, is insurance that has a lifespan shorter than the typical six-month term of a traditional car insurance. Consumers turn to it when they need car insurance for an amount of time that is generally less than that six-month period.

This temporary insurance is important because like traditional auto insurance it will provide you with financial protection should you suffer a car accident. It’s also the law: It’s illegal to drive without auto insurance throughout the United States. One of the best reasons for short term car insurance, then, is to avoid the heavy fines and possible loss of your license that can result from driving without proper auto insurance.

The good news is that you can shop for short term car insurance just like you’d shop for traditional car insurance. You can check short term auto insurance rates online in just seconds. This allows you to instantly compare policies on both the price that you’ll have to pay and the protection that you’ll receive.

Because it’s so easy to find a good short term car insurance policy, there really is no reason to hit the roads without the proper insurance coverage.

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