Reasons to Have Roadside Assistance and How to See if Your Policy is Fully Equipped

Life is full of the unexpected and that means there are many reasons why it is a smart idea to include roadside assistance as an additional coverage option on your auto insurance policy. There is no better way to feel prepared for those unexpected moments on the road than with a comprehensive auto insurance policy that includes roadside assistance.

Do you know how well your current policy has you covered? If you can’t find your additional coverage options easily listed on your current policy, it may be time to shop for a new one.

Top 3 Reasons to Have Roadside Assistance

Fuel Delivery
Even though most people keep an empty gas can in the trunk for emergencies, sometimes there isn’t a gas station close by to fill it up. With roadside protection you can use fuel delivery to have someone bring the gas you need directly to you.

Lock Outs
Locking your keys in the car can be dangerous and is a huge inconvenience. Unless you have a spare key handy, your next option is to call an expensive locksmith and wait. But with roadside assistance you can have a trusted company come an help you out, usually at no additional charge.

Dead Battery
If you find yourself in a situation where your battery needs a jump, it is a good idea not to attempt the process on your own. In some situations the battery can be too low or too cold to take a charge and in that case, it pays to have a little extra help and the option of a tow.

Invest in a Comprehensive Policy Today

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Don’t get caught without roadside assistance when you need it most. Instead, visit our independent agents online today to start comparing quotes and invest in total insurance coverage.