Preventing Accidents at a Parking Lot

Preventing Accidents at a Parking LotAccidents occur frequently at parking lots of malls, market area, grocery stores and office, mainly due to congested parking. Certainly, there are few ways in which you can reduce the risk of being a part of such incidents and have a quick and easy claim process, if had one.

Being Aware

Main reason for accidents to happen is purely distraction of the driver. It is always advisable to switch off your mobile phones or not answer any call or reply to text, turn radio off and turn on navigation system before car makes a move. Take a little moment and look around, if needed again and again to make sure everything is clear for you to pull your car out. As per the survey made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, unfortunately most of the accidents which have occurred involves children below 6 years of age and elderly persons above 65-70.

Little Measures and Aftermath

A little walk can avoid congestion. Every driver tends to stop their vehicle close by stores to avoid walking for long distance. But remember, by parking a little far from crowded area you can avoid accidents. Signal the vehicles or pedestrians behind and turn headlights on in dim parking areas to prevent fender-benders.

If any accident or collision occurs then ensure to file a police report, be it a minor accident and call 911 in case of any emergency. Do collect the details of the other person involved in the accident, their address, contact number, name and car insurance provider. Make a note of time, date, location, parking lot condition when any accident occurs. Also, if possible collect any witness name, phone number, take pictures or make a video as proof in order to make claim process easy.

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