Of Trains, Buses, Bikes and Hooves – Lower Auto Insurance through Lower Usage

Lower the Rates Are you the kind of person who’s willing to cut back on your driving habits to save money? If you are, up to this point you’ve probably been led to believe that the only area you can possibly save money on is gas and maintenance—after all, the less gas you buy the more money stays in your pocket. And if you’re paying to have your car serviced every ten thousand miles or so, limiting your driving will keep those sometimes costly appointments at bay a little longer. But did you also know that driving less can land you a significantly lower quote on auto insurance?

Visit any vehicle insurance comparison site and you’ll find out for yourself. There are discounts to be found for people who limit the use of their vehicle in favor of taking the train, bus, riding a bike, or hoofing it to work. While the whole “pay-per-mile” insurance coverage is still in the beta testing stages for some insurers and not even offered by many others, you can qualify for low usage discounts that are based on yearly estimated mileage.

In order to be ready and able to take advantage of these discounts, it helps to have a precise idea of exactly how many miles per day you drive so that you can provide that information when you get a quote on auto insurance. Before you perform any online vehicle insurance comparisons, be sure to do the math. The more accurate your information, the more accurate your online quote will be.

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