My Son or Daughter Will Turn 16 This Year. What Do I Need to Know to Update My Auto Insurance Policy?

As your son or daughter gets begins to drive it is often time to update your auto insurance. With a new driver on your policy, you’ll need to take a few key things into consideration. The good news is that you can update your policy with an independent agency to ensure your child has the necessary coverage.

If your child will be driving your vehicles, be sure to discuss this with your insurance agent. He or she should be named on the policy if possible. Additionally, if you plan to buy another vehicle, it is also important for you to have proper coverage on that car. You may not need a comprehensive policy unless the value has high worth. Liability coverage may be enough in some situations.

In many situations, the dependent can be added to a parent’s insurance policy. You may want to do this to keep costs lower. Keep in mind that because he or she is young and inexperienced, the insurance rates tend to be significantly higher than they would be for you, as an adult. Adding the child to your policy, though, will save money in the long term.

Be sure to talk to your agent about options for keeping costs down, too. Even if you decide to provide your child with his or her own policy, especially if there is an added car into the mix, there are likely discounts available. Good student discounts are a common option, for example.

Talk to your independent insurance agent today to make sure you and your child are covered.

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