Moving and Relocating Made Easy

Keep Your Insurance Agent InformedThere are so many things to think about when moving! Be it just 5 miles away or 500, the thought of just packing and unpacking entire household is definitely not an easy task. You would be surprised to realize that you are moving in and out of city or state many number of times and moving has always been a hard learned lesson. Here are some tips which makes your moving and relocating easy.

Tips for Moving

Keep a record: Make a note of everything you need. It makes your packing easy. Before you pack even a small box, list the content in the box and once packed, label or number the box to identify it. Do not carry unnecessary random things which just adds weight and needs extra storage. Get rid off them or donate to a donation center. Remember, having enough boxes will make your life easier!

Packing: Do not pack heavy weighing things in big boxes, try and avoid. Instead pack pillows, linen stuff in big boxes, to make the carry effortless. Let the small sized boxes carry heavy and fragile items. Keep a box which will be easily accessible by you while on move filled with handy things you will need such as toilet paper, drinking cups, a notepad, spoons or forks etc.

Boxes in Truck: Remember, what goes in first into the truck comes out last when you get there to your  new home. Suggestion would be to place your furniture at last so that when you bring down them, it comes first which occupies the home and makes arranging other items smooth. Always make sure to unpack big things in place first and leave the little details like home decor, artwork and mirrors for very last.

Safeguarding things: Keeping things together on moving will avoid loosing out on items needed. Say, keep bookends with books, light bulbs with lamps, and extension cords with appliances in one box. It is not worth the effort to keep all your valuables such as coins, silverware, other collections, or any antiques along with you. Say, If you are traveling a long distance and there is no room for your valuables in car, it is good to carry all of those items buried deep in the box labeled as pantry or kitchen ware.

Mandate: Of all, make sure you inform your home insurance company regrading relocation. Ask your agent to see if you are being covered while on move, also if you are in need of any additional insurance for the mover. Do not forget to find out if any paperwork is necessary for filing a claim, if loss occurs when on move. List all the important bills to be carried with you.

Moving might not be a funny ride you would have ever experienced, but a well planned relocating can get along long distance making the relocation a bearable process.

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