Liability Protection for New York Home Insurance

When you purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy, your primary concern is probably protecting your personal assets and the structure of your house from potential hazards, such as fire, hail or theft. However, an important part of purchasing a home insurance policy in New York is including homeowner’s liability protection.

Liability for home insurance protects you in case another person becomes injured on your property. This includes not only individuals who you personally invite to your home, but also those who trespass on your property without your permission. It will pay for the medical expenses of someone who is injured for any covered reason on your property, whether that be tripping over your area rug or suffering an injury while swimming in your pool.

Without proper liability coverage, an injured person may sue you personally in a New York court. If he or she receives a favorable judgment, you may have to pay for medical expenses and other losses out of your pocket. Instead, be sure to include homeowner’s liability coverage in your policy.

Although most New York home insurance policies already have such provisions, make sure your policy has at least $300,000 in homeowner’s liability coverage. Your liability policy should provide medical and personal property damage protection to others at your home, as well as payment for your own legal defense fees related to an accident on your property.

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