Will my auto insurance rates increase after a ticket for texting and driving?

There is not much good that comes from texting and driving–in fact, it is fast becoming one of the most dangerous behaviors you can have behind the wheel. In addition to running the risk of an accident and potentially hurting yourself and others, texting and driving is also illegal in many states and often carries a hefty fine. The fines can range from a mere $20 in California all the way up to a whopping $10,000 in Alaska. For those states that do consider texting while driving illegal, it would also be considered a moving violation, which could have consequences for your auto insurance.

When you get a ticket for a moving violation, a variety of things can happen. Depending on your age, driving record and insurance company, you might find that your rates increase immediately. If, however, you are a responsible adult with a long-term good driving record, you may find that your rates don’t go up at all. One thing that all insurers have in common–the more moving violations you get, including moving violations for texting while driving, the more your rates will go up.

Sometimes there are special circumstances surrounding a ticket for texting while driving that can affect your insurance rates. If, for instance, you cause an accident while you are texting, having an accident on your record will probably raise your rates along with having a ticket. The accident will likely raise your insurance premiums even if you live in a state where texting and driving isn’t against the law. If your texting ticket puts you over the ticket limit and ends in a suspended license, that will surely increase your premiums as well. If you are already driving on a suspended license and you get a ticket for texting while driving, you may even get your license revoked, which will make it harder to get insurance at a good rate when you get the license reinstated.

How a texting and driving ticket will affect your insurance rates will vary based on the insurance carrier and a number of other factors. If you have specific questions, you would be best off speaking to an agent. If your rates do increase, you can always shop around for a better deal. By visiting our website, you can get live comparative quotes from multiple insurers on auto or home insurance, virtually guaranteeing you the best possible rates.

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