In California, Why wood burners change a premium

Installing wood burners in a home can increase the amount homeowners pay for California house insurance because they are considered a fire hazard. To limit the dangers, homeowners should select safe models of wood burners and make sure they are installed and operated properly. Regular maintenance and use of quality wood are important safety measures. Even when homeowners use safe practices, insurance companies regard the installation of wood burners as events that increase the risk of damage to homes. Some insurance companies may want to inspect homes after installation before approving new coverage for homes with a new wood burning stove.

Wood burners may increase insurance premiums, but this does not mean that homeowners should not install them. Instead, homeowners should simply weigh the benefits and drawbacks before installing a wood burner in their home. Consulting with their insurance companies to find out exactly how this change could influence their premiums can help homeowners decide whether this additional expense is restrictive. Homeowners can compare California insurance quotes to determine which company offers the best coverage for their homes’ new feature. In some cases, homeowners pay less for heating or get more enjoyment out of their homes with wood burning stoves. These benefits can make slightly elevated risk of fire and the increase in insurance premiums to accommodate the risk worthwhile.

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