I am a weekend warrior and play sports regularly. What options are available for insurance against lost wages if I get injured playing?

If you’re like many active Americans, you relish the opportunity to engage in your favorite sports activity, especially after a hard week at work. Whether you prefer the fast-paced action of a great basketball game, the serene calm that golf has to offer or you like getting hands-on on the gridiron, such recreation has proven to be a great way to mark the end of a busy week in a fun-filled manner.

Nevertheless, you’ll definitely want protection as you pursue these and other sports activities. If you are a regular sports fan and were injured while playing, you may be covered under your current health insurance policy. Of course, such coverage depends on a broad variety of factors, including age and other risk factors. A brief consultation with your independent agent can help shed some light on the details surrounding your coverage.

If your standard insurance does not cover sports injuries for some reason, you may be able to have lost wages and other medical expenses taking care of under a supplemental plan. Again, you may want to talk to your independent agent to discover the details and fine print surrounding this type of insurance and possible compensation.

Don’t forget that most sports injuries are not covered by workers compensation. This type of insurance is usually limited to injuries on the job, unless you sustain an injury during an employer-sponsored sports activity or any other recreation your employer specifically encourages you to do.

While having the right type of coverage is important, it’s also crucial to weigh your options. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local independent agent as soon as possible. They can help you find competitive online quotes on your next health insurance policy and also help you find other types of insurance as well, including auto and home insurance. Check out the online quote tool on this website to learn more.

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