How to fire-proof your home in New York

Fireproofing your New York home can keep you, your family, your belongings, and house safe in the event of a fire. Follow these tips to fire-proof your home.

  • Clean out the dryer vent. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 15 deaths, 400 injuries, and over 15,000 structure fires occur each year as a result of clothes dryer fires. If possible clean out your dryer lint vent after each load of laundry, or at a minimum clean it out after every five loads. You should also periodically clean out the dryer vent that runs from the dryer to outside.
  • Never overload wires. If you are blowing fuses in your house, that’s a sure sign that you are overloading your wires. You should call a skilled and professional electrician as soon as possible to prevent a fire hazard. It’s also important to never place a higher wattage light bulb than what is called for by a fixture.
  • Use and maintain smoke alarms. Smoke alarms save lives. Period. Make sure you have one on each floor, and ideally within each bedroom. Change the batteries twice per year, and run a smoke alarm test monthly.
  • Purchase and strategically place fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are a safety appliance that you should have in your New York home. It’s a good idea to have one near the kitchen, a fireplace, and your furnace. Make sure everyone (with the exception of children who are too young) in the family knows where it is located and how to use it.
  • Have an exit plan. When a fire strikes, it may cause confusion and panic. Have a clear plan for your family’s exit in the event of a fire. Discuss and practice the plan ofte

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