How Long Does It Take for a Driving Record to Clear?

When it comes to your driving record, keeping it clear of any ticket is a very important step in maintaining lower insurance rates. However, there are times when things happen. You were going just a bit too fast while driving or you were charged with another moving violation. When this happens, you may incur points on your license.

Understanding Points

Every state’s department of motor vehicles or the equivalent determines how many points you receive for each type of driving violation. The more serious the crime, the more points are added to your license. You can max out, at which point you could lose your driving privileges either through a suspension or permanently.

In most states, points remain on your license for a set period of time. If, for example, the state’s laws say points remain in place for 18 months, then it will take 18 months for those points to come off your record. If you get additional points after the first ones, it will take another 18 months for those points to drop off.

Finding Your State’s Laws

Visiting the department of motor vehicles’ website for your state can help you to determine how long this will take. In many states, it is 18 months, but it can be more or less. You can also check your driving record through the site or request a copy of it so that you always know where you stand.

Finding Insurance

The more points you have on your driving record, the more expensive auto insurance will be for you. That’s because you are more of a risk to the insurance company. If you have a few points, it may be a good idea to shop around for a new insurance provider. Some work specifically with those who have poor driving records and need a second chance.

When you work with an independent insurance agency, you’ll be able to navigate your options and find the best insurance provider in your area. Even when you get a ticket, you can feel protected from your policy if you have the right one.

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