How Home Building Material Impacts your Policy Rate, in California

Did you know that the materials of which your home is made can affect the price you pay for your California homeowners insurance policy? This is one of the many variables that Insurance companies look at before determining how much they will charge to provide you with insurance coverage.

There are two reasons why an insurance company might care about the type of materials that were used to build your home. The first is a matter of safety and how well the house can endure various perils such as fire, wind and heavy rain. The second is the quality of the construction and how long the house might last before needing major maintenance and repairs.

Protection Against Perils

Frame houses made largely of wood are more susceptible to being destroyed by fire than homes made with concrete block or steel building materials. All other things being equal, it is possible that an insurance company will charge you more for a wood frame home than some other types of homes that are more fire-resistant. While fire damage is a major concern, insurance companies are also concerned with how well your home will do in an earthquake, severe wind storm or other acts of nature. They will look at the materials used to build the roof, erect the walls, cover the floors and even check the type of doors and windows in your house.

How Long Your House Might Last Before Needing Major Repairs and Renovations

Homes made with high quality materials and the best construction techniques tend to last longer and require fewer repairs and less maintenance than homes constructed with inferior building materials and shoddy workmanship. Insurance companies will adjust the premiums they charge for clearly superior or inferior built homes.

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