How Does Theft Coverage Work in New York?

The United States Department of Justice reports that approximately 20 percent of all homes will experience a break-in, which usually results in theft. New York reported more than 290,000 incidents of theft and larceny in 2010. If your home is the victim of a break-in and thieves take some of your possessions, notify the police and your insurer immediately. Your insurance provider will replace the items according to the coverage in your policy.

To ensure you receive compensation for all of your belongings, make a home inventory as a preventative measure in case of a future robbery. Keep a copy for yourself and give a copy to your insurer. Include serial numbers for your electronics, as well as as pictures of your valuables and copies of any appraisals you may have. Be sure to update your home inventory frequently, and adjust your home’s contents coverage accordingly.

Vehicle theft in New York is still prevalent, despite the common use of anti-theft devices. In 2010, for example, more than 20,000 vehicles were stolen. If your vehicle is stolen or the contents inside it are stolen, your insurer will only provide payment for those theft-related claims if you have comprehensive coverage on your auto policy. To make a claim, you must first report your vehicle missing and get a police report. Provide the report, along with a listing of your vehicle’s contents, to your auto insurer. If your insurance company accepts the claim, you will likely receive a check for your vehicle’s book value.

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