Going Stealth: Comparing Homeowner Insurance Companies

Outstanding Evaluation Between CompaniesThese days, it’s tough to decide what home insurance company is best for us. In the past, the selection process was far easier—people didn’t rely as much on sponsored advertisements to tell them where to take their business, and insurance companies didn’t vie for that business in quite the way they do today. Back then, people relied on good old fashioned word of mouth to compare homeowner insurance companies—but then again, there wasn’t quite as much choice as we have today. So what should a person in need of a homeowner insurance quote do to differentiate between companies that appear to offer the same goods?

There’s always the stealth approach. Make a list of all of the major insurance companies, and find the phone number of the claims department for each. Call them one at a time, pretending to be an existing customer filing an insurance claim. This kind of “live test” approach can sometimes shed a light on one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of an insurance company’s value: their customer service. If you’re up for a bit of undercover work, you can discover a lot about an insurance company through non-traditional channels.

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