FAQs About Car Insurance Quotes

Get Free Quotes for Your Car InsuranceMany drivers who need auto insurance for the first time have questions about car insurance quotes. Especially if you’re requesting car insurance online quotes, you might want to know what to expect before filling out all of your information. What follows are three of the most frequently asked questions about car insurance quotes.

What information will I need to fill out?
You’ll need your address, email address and phone number, as well as the make and model of your car, how many miles you drive each year, and the title of the car. You’ll also need to give your age and occupation, as well as those of every driver in your household. Last, you’ll need the details of any incidents such as violations, accidents and claims in the past five years.

Does my spouse’s driving record affect my insurance premium?
Yes, the driving record of every licensed driver in your household who is named on your policy is included in calculating your policy’s rates. If your spouse has a very poor driving record, you might want to consider excluding him or her from the policy and each have separate policies for your own cars.

Are car insurance quotes binding?
No, they aren’t. Quotes are an estimate, but neither you nor the insurance company are legally bound to any agreement until you have actually purchased a policy and signed a contract.

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