Do Not Let a Stroke Stop Your Driving

Do Not Let a Stroke Stop Your DrivingAsk a stroke affected person how it influences every single aspect of their life, from eating to communicating, muscle contraction to driving car. Stroke can make all your activities treacherous. Especially for the drivers, who incurred stroke will have trouble in even turning the wheel, applying brakes, clutch and even difficult making sudden decisions in case of emergencies.

State laws do not let any driver affected by stroke to go behind the wheels. Physicians will generally be asked to report to the state department of motor vehicles on patients having serious medical issues. Further the patients will be taken for a driving test post which they will be certified if they can continue to drive on Michigan roads.

Tests for Safety

Fortunately, a stroke cannot stop you from your daily activities and all your privileges to drive. As per a study in Neurology, after a series of tests being conducted on a stroke person should help him to get back on wheels. The tests will be administered in doctor’s office. The patient will be assessed on traffic knowledge, road signs, visual abilities, mental speed, span of attention and spatial abilities. Only when the driver is able to pass all these tests, he will be allowed to drive.

As the decision to drive is a complex decision to be made, it happens gradually. If at all you fail to follow traffic rules and cause any accident, it will have an impact on your driving record and thus your car insurance premium will increase. Below are some tips which will help you to drive after a stroke.

  • Talk to your physician. The doctor will help you in determining your capabilities to drive again.
  • Start slowly. Drive short distances and check how far you will be able to handle it. Practice in empty roads first before getting on highways.
  • Always have someone beside you while driving. Do not drive alone unless you are confident. Ask for honest evaluation and then proceed.

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