Consequences of Car Accident – Calm is The Word

To Face The ConsequencesMost of the car accidents occurring everyday in Ohio are fatal. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports 1,238 crashes which were labeled as fatal on roads of Ohio. 1,277 and more deaths occurred due to car accidents all across the Ohio state, out of which 54% were passengers in vehicles, other 23% were driven by light moving trucks or heavy vehicles. Ohio is ranked fourth worst in the nation for having the most deer related auto accidents.
Ohio state paid out more than $11 billion for the injuries and damages. Driving under intoxication seemed to be certainly a major problem in many drivers nearly 4 out of 10 or even more auto accidents occurred. Speed being an another factor of all the fatalities nearly 20 percent, costing around $1 million for the state.

Ohio’s Minimum Requirements and Rules

As every state, Ohio requires all its citizens who drive a car to carry a car insurance policy with minimum liability coverage. State mandates a minimum of $25,000 to cover all persons personal injury involved in the car accident, it is subject to limit of $12,500 for any individual and for property damage a limit of $7,500. Ohio rule says, if the driver is responsible for 50% and even more for an accident then that driver is not liable to recover for the damages from the other driver. Else, the victim will receive compensation as per their portion of responsibility.

After The Crash

Never loose your calm. Check for injuries and call the ambulance immediately when in doubt. If the accident is minor then move cars to safe place to avoid traffic. Turn on vehicle’s hazard lights to intimate other drivers, you can also use warning triangles, cones or flares. Do call the cops, no matter the accident is minor or major. Make sure not to leave the accident spot until the police files a complete report.

Do remember to collect details such as names, their correct address and contact numbers of the driver and other members involved in the car accident. Also get the description of car, license plate number, car insurance company and vehicle identification number of the other party car. Call your insurance agent immediately along with the cop. Sometimes the officer filing a report can give better and accurate information than you to your car insurance company. This will surely save your time later when waiting for your claim process to happen quicker. Nevertheless, car insurance is a savior.

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