Combining Auto and Home Insurance can Help You Beat the High Cost of Gas

Combine Insurance to Beat CostGas prices today are getting so outrageous that people are starting to get creative in their approach to savings so they can afford to get around. One of the most effective ways to save a sizable chunk of money without altering your driving habits or giving up your wheels is by simply combining home and auto insurance policies. This action has the potential of bringing your car insurance premium down so far that you might actually end up saving money.

But what do you do when combining auto insurance with your home coverage just isn’t enough to make up for the gap? Here are some of the most popular ideas being put into practice by people every day.

• Don’t overinflate or underinflate your tires. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Driving around on underinflated tires can greatly decrease your gas mileage, but overinflating your tires can cause them to wear out prematurely, putting you out a few hundred dollars and bringing you back to square one – or possibly even worse off.

• Limit your air conditioner usage. This can have a huge impact on your vehicle’s gas consumption. Try to park your car in shaded areas to prevent your car from boiling in the sun, increasing your need to run the A/C.

• Obey the speed limit. The faster you drive, the more gas you burn. If you’ve got a lead foot, try to cure it before it bankrupts you.

• Seek out alternate routes. However, bear in mind that steady freeway driving is more fuel efficient than taking backroads that cause you to stop or shift frequently.

• Consider buying a hybrid car. If you’re trying to save money in the here and now by combining home and auto insurance and doing everything else you can, a new car might be out of the question. But if you’re already thinking about buying a car, hybrid might just be the best way to go.

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