What Is the Process of Making a Claim for Hail Damage to My Car?

Hail can be very damaging to vehicles. A sudden summer hail storm may leave your vehicle with pot marks, broken windows, and even damage to the lights. When this happens, it is important to contact your insurance company directly. Your insurance agent can help you to determine if your insurance policy provides coverage to you for the type of damage you have. If that is the case, you should have no trouble providing information about the hail damage and filing a claim for it. There are a few key things you should know about this process, though.

How to Report Your Hail Damage to Your Insurance Carrier

The first step in reporting damage to your car is to call your insurance carrier. Generally, policies cover significant damage related to hail damage, especially during a documented storm. In some cases, hail damage can be significant, though rarely does it cause the car to be totaled. In either case, you’ll want to alert your agent as soon as you notice the damage. Then, take photos of the car’s damage. Be sure to do this from various angles. Keep them for your records, though some agents allow you to submit the photos as proof of the damage.

Your insurance agent may instruct you on the additional steps you need to take. You may need to get estimates from reputable (or specific) companies who can make the necessary repairs. In other cases, the agent will want to see the damage up close before this. An assessment is often necessary to determine the extent of the damage and to get an estimate of the cost to make repairs to the vehicle.

Ensure You Have the Right Coverage

In many cases, comprehensive insurance policies may provide coverage for hail damage. If you do not have this type of policy on your car, it is likely a good idea to add it. You can get quotes from numerous insurance carriers by simply using our online comparative tool. One of our agents can also help you to compare the policy options from numerous carriers. This is an easy way for you to find the policy that fits your specific needs, including your budgetary needs. If you already have a policy, follow your agent’s lead on the steps to take to report claims for hail damage to ensure proper coverage.

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