Passenger Seat – Does Your Car Insurance Cover?

Insurance cover for passenger SeatWhen you get into a neighbor or a friend’s car, you would not check what his auto insurance policy covers. Unfortunately, if you happen to meet with an accident then, will you be covered? As a passenger of any car, you need to know the kind of coverages required by the driver in order to protect you. Here are two instances where your driver is held responsible for the accident or the other driver is found guilty.

With Your Driver

If your driver is held responsible for causing an accident due to distraction, breaking signal, traffic violation or unexpected collisions with another car, are you as a passenger being covered? It depends and differs from one state to another. With no-fault states, you will be covered under PIP coverage where as with not a no-fault state, your driver needs to carry medical payments coverage. But be aware that unlike PIP, medical payments coverage won’t consider lost wages. It just bares your medical expenses and pays for hospital bills. Medical payment covers both the driver and his passengers. You can sue the driver if he is not able to cover all your medical expenses but as a passenger even you will be held responsible for the accident, if at all you encouraged the driver to break traffic rules or had distracted him while on the drive.

With Another Driver

If another driver is found guilty, then his bodily injury coverage will cover you. This coverage is mandated in most of the states and every driver will carry it up to a certain limit as per Department of Insurance’s minimum requirements. A driver would opt for this coverage as this will act as a savior when he is being sued legally, to fight for claims. If the other driver is not having insurance, then uninsured motorist coverage if opted by your driver will cover you as a passenger. However, uninsured motorist coverage is optional in many states and your driver may not possess it. If you are in a no fault state, then you might be lucky as your driver would be having PIP which will cover you, no matter who is at fault. This covers medical bills, lost wages and even rehabilitation costs.

About High Risk Wind Storms in West Virginia

About High Risk Wind Storms in West VirginiaWith high risk due to heavy storms and hurricanes, securing West Virginia home with a home insurance becomes essential. Hence, the dwellers have to ensure safety by making their home more wind and water resistant. Before you sign a bond with any home insurance company, the underwriter of the company will look into safety factors much before they provide you security.

When you are moving from one place to another, whether you own an apartment or rent a house, you will not have safety assurance to your house. Factors such as age, materials used in the construction of home are not under your control. However, maintaining the house in good condition certainly is. Record says, many homes which are older are more prone to disasters than the newly built. Hence, make all the necessary repairs, renovations, replacements before you step out to buy a home insurance. A prior look at all these will also help in reducing your premium rates. Consider electrical, plumbing and roofing systems and ensure all are sturdy and working well.

Safety Factors

Once you have made your home storm and hurricane resistant, it does not end there. You need to start thinking about other safety factors. Any accident occurring due to fire need not be caused only due to faulty electricity. Install smoke and fire alarms in every room to get an alert, also have fire extinguishers to control small fires in emergency situations. Similarly install burglar alarm, in order to avoid thefts or burglary at home. Replace old locking system by dead bolt locks and sturdy doors. Keep all your windows locked, fill if any cracks or openings found. These measures are taken not only to secure you but will also help in obtaining discounts on your home insurance policy.