Liability Insurance of Pennsylvania – Bodily Injury and Property Damage

Liability Insurance of Pennsylvania – Bodily Injury and Property DamageLiability provides protection to you or anyone driving your car with your concern. When any claim is made against you by a third person labeling you to be responsible for the accident caused, this coverage will make payments to him on your behalf, if found that your vehicle is involved and resulted in injury or damaged any of the property of the third person. In addition, it will also provide legal support and will defend you when a law suit is filed. Hence do not reduce limits on your liability coverage.

Minimum limits mandated on bodily injury liability coverage for third-party by Pennsylvania’s Vehicle and Traffic Law are:

  • bodily injury of $15,000 for each person or $30,000 for causing death due to any injuries, sustained in an accident by one person
  • bodily injury of $30,000 for two or more in one accident or $60,000 resulting in death of two or more persons due to injuries from one accident.

State law also requires a minimum of $5,000 for any damage caused to vehicle or it’s parts or any damage to the property during an accident. Thus the minimum liability limits in Pennsylvania is referred to “15/30/5” or “$15,000/$30,000/$5,000”.

For any bodily injury or property damage caused during an accident, if it is due to other driver’s negligence then you can claim under the other driver’s car insurance policy, where the automobile insurance policy provides coverage for each person involved in the accident and hence a liability coverage. However, when an injured person in your vehicle is your spouse unlike the purchase made, you need to opt for Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance. Remember, your wife is still eligible for No-Fault as discussed above. Hence, it becomes necessary to check with your insurer or the insurance agent much before buying a car insurance policy.

Incidents Unforeseen Resulting in Accidents!

Incidences Unforseen result in  AccidentsAny unexpected or undesirable event which results in unforeseen mishap is termed as accident. Most of the incidents occurred are labeled as accidents which in fact will be a collision which had chances of being avoided. There are many factors which can cause an accident or a collision:

  1. Behavior of the driver
  2. Poor maintenance of the roads
  3. Roads not designed properly
  4. Failure of brakes, steering or suspension and puncture of tires.

Such instances happen without any indication and will result in damages, injury, sometimes even death. We will not be able to avoid an accident but can take measures to prevent it. Still if the prevention fails, accident occurs then know what you have to do.

After An Accident

Do follow these simple steps which can be a savior and hence making a huge difference when an accident occurs:

  • Ensure to have a first aid kit, a measuring tape, a disposable camera in the glove compartment.
  • Remember to collect all the necessary details such as name, contact number, address and the insurers of those people who act as witness or part of the accident, when occurred.
  • File a report with the local police and call up your insurance agent. Give them correct details and description on how the accident occurred. File reports with the local police and your insurer promptly after the accident. Provide them the information gathered or evidence collected to prove you are innocent, if so.

Make a contribution in order to avoid insurance fraud and hence rolling down rates on your insurance policy by making claim process smooth and quick.