How Home Building Material Impacts your Policy Rate, in California

Did you know that the materials of which your home is made can affect the price you pay for your California homeowners insurance policy? This is one of the many variables that Insurance companies look at before determining how much they will charge to provide you with insurance coverage.

There are two reasons why an insurance company might care about the type of materials that were used to build your home. The first is a matter of safety and how well the house can endure various perils such as fire, wind and heavy rain. The second is the quality of the construction and how long the house might last before needing major maintenance and repairs.

Protection Against Perils

Frame houses made largely of wood are more susceptible to being destroyed by fire than homes made with concrete block or steel building materials. All other things being equal, it is possible that an insurance company will charge you more for a wood frame home than some other types of homes that are more fire-resistant. While fire damage is a major concern, insurance companies are also concerned with how well your home will do in an earthquake, severe wind storm or other acts of nature. They will look at the materials used to build the roof, erect the walls, cover the floors and even check the type of doors and windows in your house.

How Long Your House Might Last Before Needing Major Repairs and Renovations

Homes made with high quality materials and the best construction techniques tend to last longer and require fewer repairs and less maintenance than homes constructed with inferior building materials and shoddy workmanship. Insurance companies will adjust the premiums they charge for clearly superior or inferior built homes.

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Get Quality Coverage

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How to Save Money

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Why Choose Our Dependable, Solid Team?

Before you choose anyone else for your home insurance, consider what you may need. You may need to protect your home from liability claims. Fire, theft, and vandalism are all real threats for many people. With the right policy from the right company, it is possible to feel comfortable every single night when you lay your head down to rest. Your policy, and our team, have you covered.

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Tips to make my home safer and get insurance at cheaper rates

Everybody is always looking for a win-win situation, so here’s one that applies to home insurance. You can make your home safer with both minor and major home improvements and end up paying less for your home insurance. It may sound too good to be true, but having a safe home makes you less likely to need to file insurance claims, which saves the insurance company money–a savings that it passes on in part to you, the customer.

To make your home safer on the outside, you can add hardy building materials like fire-resistant siding. If you live in an area prone to high winds or hurricanes, such as the East Coast of Texas, storm shutters and premium shingles with a higher wind rating installed correctly can make your home safer. A heavy duty garage door can also make your home safer from break-ins and the elements. All of these exterior improvements may get you cheaper insurance rates, as long as you make your agent aware of them.

There are also improvements you can implement inside your home that can make it safer and lower your insurance rates. Installing no-burst stainless steel hoses on your washer and dryer can save you headaches and save up to ten percent on your insurance premiums. Having smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home is required by law in Texas, but adding a burglar alarm with remote monitoring service might get you an insurance discount. Putting a leak detector on your main water line is a move that could save you even more on your home insurance. In addition, fire extinguishers will make your home safer and may save you some insurance money.

Of course, one of the best tips to save money on insurance is to shop around and compare rates. Your best bet is to get online comparative quotes from multiple insurance companies so that you can be absolutely sure that you are getting the best rate possible on your home insurance.

Are Riot, Strike and Malicious damages covered under my Texas home insurance policy?

There are several natural disasters that could put your Texas home in danger: house fires or wind damage and flooding from hurricanes. You probably know whether or not your current homeowners insurance policy covers those things or not. But what about riots, strikes and malicious damage done to your home or property? That kind of coverage was probably not used as a selling point when you bought your current home insurance policy.

The answer is: yes, you can purchase coverage for such man-made disasters, and it may be a part of the policy which you currently own. Typically actions like riots, strikes and malicious damage fall under the broad form of insurance which also includes explosions, theft, falling objects, smoke and damage caused by vehicles and aircraft. A quick read-through of your current policy should tell you if you’re covered. If you’re not, it’s always good to err on the side of caution, so when you’re ready to buy a new home insurance policy, you should opt for one that covers these harmful acts.

If you’re looking for cheaper coverage, or just a new policy, it’s really simple to get insurance quotes online and compare them from the comfort of your home. Simply fill out the form on our website and submit it to get a list of companies who will insure your home. This first step takes just a few minutes! From there, read through the list of insurance providers and compare the prices and coverage options and make a decision. If you need help understanding the coverage and other jargon, give us a call; we’re always glad to help. While this latter part may take an hour or two, the amount of money you could save is well worth the effort you put forth.

When you’re ready to find cheaper insurance that covers a riot, strike or malicious damage, contact us today. We’re here to help answer any questions that you have and to help you find the right policy for your insurance needs.

Is home insurance mandatory for taking a mortgage loan, in Texas?

If you’re looking forward to owning a new home in Texas, then chances are you are aware of some of the requirements lenders may present prior to green-lighting any type of home loan. These requirements often include mandatory homeowners insurance. It’s something that some would see as an unnecessary expense, but it can be the one thing that stands between you and financial ruin in case something happens to your home.

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect both the homeowner and lender against financial loss from a variety of hazards that may have a negative impact on the home’s value. In most cases, a mortgage agreement will include a home insurance policy as a mandatory requirement to be met before your lender will fund a loan. The total coverage of the policy must be above the minimum amount needed to rebuild the home and the total amount of the mortgage. If the home is located in an area designated as a disaster zone or an area prone to floods, hurricanes or earthquakes, additional coverage that protects your home against these scenarios is also mandatory.

The reason for this is actually quite simple – as the house itself serves as collateral, the last thing the lender wants is to lose it to a fire, tornado or any other type of catastrophic event or action. With a home insurance policy in place, the lender will not be at a significant financial risk if the home is destroyed in a fire or washed away in a flood. The home can be rebuilt and the lender will retain its collateral.

As you look for a solid home insurance policy, it’s important to compare as many quotes as possible to find the most affordable policy available. Through our website, you can gather live comparative quotes online as well as collect additional information concerning your coverage options. If you’re looking to save money on your insurance policy, you may want to consider carrying a higher deductible in exchange for lower premium costs. For reference, some lenders limit the highest deductible to two percent of the home’s total value.

Is Premium quoted by insurance agent/broker final?

When you compare insurance quotes, whether online or in Texas, the agent/broker provides a cost estimate based on available information. The insurance company sets the final premium for car or home insurance.

Online quotes are popular for several reasons. With direct data entry, mistakes are limited. You can experiment with coverage choices like physical damage, that is collision and comprehensive coverage, and deductible levels.

Before you start, be sure to collect the following paperwork: car titles, driver records of all drivers, and any other relevant information like your old policy. It will be easier if you have all the information ready.

A professional agent/broker consistently provides accurate quotes, but they need your help.

  • Accurately report the year, make and model of all autos owned and covered.
  • Accurately report known moving violations and accidents.
  • Report all drivers, and children within two years of driving age.

Okay, so why report detrimental information to your agent?

Your agent/broker tries to match the insurance company that charges lower premiums for your situation. Once the professional sends the policy request, the company will price the insurance according to the results of their research.

The company will obtain driving records, check car registrations, and sometimes check credit reports. With this information, the company may set a new premium. If the information is significantly different than that which was reported, the agent may have inadvertently placed your coverage on a less than optimal pricing track.

Professional agents know the companies they represent. They understand the company pricing strategy and the company appetite for risk.

If you get quotes online, gathering information ahead of time helps the process run smoother. Details like model year may be missed without preparation. Use your agent if you need to understand coverage or help with more complex insurance requests. In any case, provide accurate and complete information. You’ll get a more accurate quote and determine the company that matches your situation best.

Penalty for Cancelling Insurance Policy within Policy Period

Insurance policy holders are often on the lookout for better ways to save money. Occasionally, a policy holder might come across a better quoted deal on a particular car insurance policy. The policy holder in order to take advantage of this situation must cancel their policy with their existing insurance company and sign with the new one.

This may sound like a great idea, but if the insurance policy is still within the policy period, there may be complications. Some insurance policies may charge a fee or penalize a policy holder if a current policy is canceled within the policy period.

What Is the Definition of an Insurance Policy Period?

Policy period is defined as the length of time an insurance policy is valid. The length of time for the policy will vary depending upon the insurance company and type of insurance policy. The length of time for an insurance policy period could be determined in months or even years.

Will a Penalty be Applied for Cancelling During a Policy Period?

Insurance companies in Texas have the legal right to charge what is known as a short rate cancelation penalty. This monetary fee is assessed in an effort to recover costs associated with transferring the policy.

It is also meant as a way to cover the insurance company’s potential loss of profits, as the insurance policy holder agreed to a certain length of time in a contract and is backing out. That was potential profit the company anticipated which will no longer be available.

How Can an Insurance Policy Holder Determine if a Penalty Will Be Applied?

Any potential fees or penalties that will be assessed if a policy holder cancels a policy during the policy period will be outlined in the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. This section will determine how much the fees or penalties will be for this simple action.

Individuals shopping around for auto or car insurance policies may want to consider getting several quotes online. Obtaining several insurance quotes allows individuals to compare the various quotes rates and read over the terms and conditions to determine if a penalty will be assessed for cancelling during a policy period.

Am I Entitled for Renewal Discount if I choose to Continue with the Same Vendor (Insurer)?

Insurance companies often like to build a relationship with their customers. This loyalty is often built by offering existing customers a potential discount on their car insurance policy if they choose to renew their policy with the same insurance company.

What Is a Renewal Discount when it comes to Home or Auto Insurance Policies?

One of the most common reasons given for not choosing to continue with a particular insurance company after a policy period is the ability to save money. An insurance company wants to build a customer following of loyal customers, but if the customers are constantly switching, this eliminates the company’s ability to create a loyal customer base.

In an effort to encourage customer loyalty, the insurance company will offer what is known as a renewal discount. This is a specialized pricing quote that includes a certain discount just for being a loyal customer and renewing an existing insurance policy.

How Are Renewal Discounts Offered to Insurance Policy Holders?

Most insurance companies will often notify an insurance policy holder that they are eligible to receive a renewal discount on their upcoming insurance policy. This offer is typically conveyed to the insurance holder via mail, phone, or email.

Sometimes a renewal discount is not automatically applied to the upcoming insurance policy. If this were to happen, the insurance policy holder can call their insurance representative or agent and inquire about a potential renewal discount.

Are Insurance Companies Required to Give Renewal Quotes?

There is no particular law in the state of Texas that requires a vendor/insurer to provide a renewal discount. Many insurance companies offer this type of incentive in an effort to compete with their competition in the insurance market, but it is not something that every insurance policy holder is entitled to receive upon renewal.

Even if an insurance policy holder qualifies for a renewal discount, it is a good idea to receive several insurance quotes online. People are able to receive both new and renewal auto insurance quotes online. These available quotes allow individuals to find the best insurance policy that fits their needs with the ability to compare prices and policy terms.

Excluded Driver Endorsement in Texas

Some insurance companies offer policy holders the opportunity to add an excluded driver endorsement to their car insurance. This addition to the insurance policy is designed to specifically deny coverage for damages that may be caused due to an accident to the listed individual.

Why Do Insurance Companies Offer Excluded Driver Endorsements?

Insurance companies operate under the assumption that anyone living in a household who holds a driver’s license will have access to the particular vehicle that is insured. Even if the individual may not drive the vehicle, there is still the possibility that it could happen.

This slight possibility that other individuals may use or operate the vehicle will sometimes cause insurance companies to raise the rates on an insurance policy. Listing the individual as an excluded driver means the quoted rate may be lower because they are excluded coverage under that particular insurance policy.

In the state of Texas, insurance policy holders may have the option to specify which parts of an insurance policy the individual does not receive coverage. An insurance policy holder may be able to specify exclusion from liability, personal injury protection, uninsured motorist protection, or other specific areas of coverage.

How Are Excluded Driver Endorsements Made?

Insurance policy holders that wish to get an excluded driver endorsement for one or more individuals must do so in writing. Most insurance companies will have a form that needs to be filled out.

This form will require the insurance policy holder to list the named individual and specify which parts of the insurance policy will be excluded from that individual. The insurance policy holder will then have to sign and date the form. After this is completed, the insurance company will attach it to the insurance policy and keep it on file.

Individuals interested in purchasing an auto insurance policy that allows excluded driver endorsements should consider getting several quotes. These quotes can be made with or without the excluded driver listed. Receiving several online quotes for insurance coverage will allow drivers to compare different policies from various companies in the hopes of finding the best policy for their insurance needs.

What if I Sell my Texas Property During the Insured Period?

Many times people sell their Texas home in the middle of the policy period. The insurance company simply refunds the pro rata share of the premium. Pro rata is the percentage of the year the building will not be owned. For example, if you own your home for the first three months of the policy year and then sell it, the insurance company will refund nine of twelve, or three-quarters of the premium.

Remember to secure insurance for your new place. Compare quotes online for your new home. Homeowners policies provide coverage for your property, and protect you for your liabilities. Even if you temporarily do not own property, you have liability potential.

Liability covers you if you damage someone else’s property or injure them in some way. Prudent people keep liability in force to cover unexpected events. So, before cancelling the homeowners for a three month to save money, consider all your insurance.

Consider your personal items too. Jewelry, guns, furniture, paintings and other artwork. Cancelling homeowners insurance during the policy term does not allow these items to be covered. Even locked in storage, these items have value.

So, before you cancel, consider the following:

  1. Will I need to maintain liability coverage?
  2. Do I have personal belongings that need coverage?

If your answer is yes to either question, secure these coverages first, then cancel the current coverage.

For typical home situations, go online and obtain quotes from our website for your new home. Have information available to describe the new property. Once the data is filled accurately, the computer will find a match between company and client.

For more complex property situations, consult your agent. They can guide you through various ways to cover special property. It’s always a good idea to take pictures of valuables such as jewelry, guns, furs, collectibles, or artwork. Keep these pictures offsite so you’ll have a reference in case of a loss. It’s a good idea to have any appraisals or invoices on record also. Be a wise insured individual.