Sudden Jerks While Driving

Sudden Jerks while DrivingDriving is always a part of your daily routine. While driving to school, work or even holidays, you will end up spending most of your time on roads. Do remember, there are instances where things do change in split seconds. A brake fail, tire blow out, a car ahead of you deviates from it’s path causing a jerk to you and your passengers and many more. You need to always be prepared to face such emergencies.

Blown Out Tires

This is a frequently occurring instance. Instead of sudden brakes in a situation where the vehicle is in speed, do the following:

  • Keep the gas pedal squeezed for few seconds and release it slowly.
  • Drive straight, do not take immediate turns until the vehicle slows down. When in speed, you tend to lose control over the vehicle when trying to take a turn.
  • Gently take your car towards the hard shoulder, preferably on same side of blown out tire.
  • When the car slows down, if necessary apply brakes lightly.

Failure of Brakes

When car brake fails, do not panic. Instead follow the below steps:

  • Quickly pump the brakes trying to build up a residual pressure.
  • Pull to lower gear. Due to friction and wind pressure, the car will slow down.
  • Using hand brake would bring you vehicle to safe mode.
  • Find some bushes, fence or even guard rails on road to rub your car against them to bring your vehicle to a halt.

Sudden Stop

Few situations where a bicyclist interrupts your way, a vehicle ahead of you meets with an accident or applies sudden brake, a pedestrian passes by, causing a sudden brake to your vehicle. You should know how to stop your vehicle quickly, yet safely. If you have anti lock brakes installed, then you can slam on it and hold to it until the car completely stops. Anti lock brakes helps in controlling the steering. If, you do not have the safety device installed then, gently squeeze brakes to ensure the wheels do not skid. Until the vehicle comes to halt, do not try to turn the wheel as brakes locked will block the steering and an attempt can make you to lose control over your vehicle.

Screen Doorways – Safety and Security

Screen Doorways Safety & SecurityDo you want to enjoy fresh air staying indoors? Should the air be clean, free from dust or pollution? All this is made possible by mesh doors which are easily accessible using remote control. These doors are not only easy to use, convenient, affordable but also helps you stay safe and guards your valuables. Retractable doors also give you a good visual appearance.

People today are very much concerned about protecting themselves from hazards, skin diseases due to harmful UV rays and break-in. It is really important to know about the pros and cons of having doorways and also about the materials used in framing these doors. People always opt for wood, metal or plastic materials as frames. But people need to realize that wood frames though spectacular, gets worn out soon due to change in weather conditions. Be it metal, steel or aluminum, gets corroded or becomes resilient to influences outside. With people looking for more considerable and easily affordable frames opt for vinyl frames.

Screen Doors

With advancement in technology, there are many kinds of screen doors. A retractable door and roll up doors fitting into the tube, these doors not only looks spectacular but also enlightens your entrance door which can be of fair cost. Other types of doors are sliding doors, electronic doors which can be accessed by remote control. Such screen doors protect you, your pet and family members from UV rays. They are also weather resistant, highly durable and strong to withstand drastic changes in climate.

Many companies today produce different types of screen doors in order to meet customer’s expectations. These do not cost lot of cash and one time fix lasts for long. With different price versions, they are worth the price paid with added benefits. With mesh doors you can stay inside your home and answer a stranger, preventing theft. Screen doors assure safety and gives security.