Claiming on Your Contents Insurance

Content Insurance to RescueWith a home insurance, you protect your building, other structures and some contents of your house. Do remember that, your home insurance will not cover every of your valuables and contents of your home. You will need a content insurance to cover the items, valuables and furnishings of your home.

Covering every item which are movable or immovable, starting from electronics to clothing, furniture to kitchen appliances, certainly which is not fixed to the structure of your house becomes necessary. Your building insurance does cover your building but the contents inside needs a content insurance to be covered when ever any damages, natural calamities or any such disaster occurs.

Make an inventory of all the valuables, furniture and other items in your dwelling. List out the cost of it when purchased and it’s current market value. Do not provide wrong estimates to your agents or the insurance company which can put you in high time risk. If possible also take a picture of it and keep a copy with you, having the originals deposited either in safety locker or any of your friends place who are trustworthy. When any destruction occurs and unfortunately causes loss of items or valuables, it is easy to claim with a valid proof and inventory. The claim happens quickly with an ease.

Analyze The Worth

If you find that you are being paid less when claimed, it might be purely your fault. Hence, make a proper evaluation of your property’s worth. Calculate their value based on current market value which replaces your lost item, not higher or lower than what you have exactly paid. Check with your agent as to what your content insurance is covering for you.

Though covering your valuables will increase your premium rates, but the risk of being under-insured or uninsured is high when loss happens. Insuring valuables definitely makes your insurer reluctant over your buy. Reading every detail carefully is very important before you sign on any bond and get clear as to what is covered and what not is covered ? Ensure to have an update on your policy, it’s terms and conditions, specially after buying a new item.

Will My Auto Insurance Cover A Rented Moving Truck?

Ensure Moving is CoveredIf you have to shift your house to a different location all your things cannot be dumped inside the car and brought. You need to rent a van or a truck. It is better to move your things through truck rather than asking your friend or relatives. You can make sure whether your car insurance company covers for the rented vehicle before loading your things into the vehicle.

Many of the insurance companies give extra insurance coverage which you can purchase. But you would not be ready to pay extra coverage to protect your truck and your belongings. So first contact your insurance company whether they cover rental vehicle, because sometimes along with the protection of your car insurance policy they will extend for your rental vehicle also. It is a problem for trucks with large move because insurance companies do not cover for the vehicles with large weight.

  • If any damage is caused to the truck only, then limited damage waiver insurance will cover for the damage.
  • If any damage or any injury is caused with the moving truck then supplemental liability insurance will cover the claims made against moving company or you.

Protecting Your Personal Stuff

Your personal items and the valuables you have kept in your vehicle will not be covered by the car insurance company. In the same way your personal items and things which you have loaded on the moving van or any of the things damaged or stolen while moving will also not be covered. Your car insurance company might cover only the damages and the injuries caused by you.

Remember one thing that your home insurance or the renters insurance will cover your personal things even if your things are in truck. Supplemental coverage will be provided for your personal items from the company you rent your truck. Most of the times basic coverage for your personal items will be included for the hiring movers.

Reduce Your Cost on Modified Cars

Think Before You Modify Your CarIf your car is modified then it is difficult to find the less expensive and cheap car insurance. Modifying one’s car is not a good idea according to most of the insurance companies. When compared to the original car your modified car will have possible less risk and harms so the car insurance companies will give you low insurance rates. Many changes such as decorating your car with the extra alloy on the wheels are some of the things for which the thieves gets attracted in stealing your car. For these reasons the insurance companies avoid such modification to your car.

Insurance Versus Modified Car

The insurance company will review your car differently, if have changed the bumper of the car or suspension is lowered. Any alterations will always be analyzed or reviewed by the insurance companies. Moreover you have to pay high car insurance rates if major parts of your car is been replaced. In case you change the engine of your car to make your car faster which means that you drive at faster rates. Modify your car only when it is needed then you can try to minimize the cost of your car insurance. You will have to pay high insurance rates if too much changes or alterations in made in the car. To avoid the complications inform your insurer immediately after any modifications.

However, compare and check with the insurance company about the rates on the modified car. Some companies also offer discounts and bonuses for your car insurance. So check for the cheap and affordable car insurance company and ask them to give a free assessment on the modified car. Try to follow the steps like parking the car in a safe place and addition of car alarm and driving safely will avoid you from spending too much. These steps will also help you to become a good driver and help to drive without penalties. Limited use of your car will also reduce your car insurance premium. By understanding and applying certain conditions on them will help you to get more affordable insurance.

Avail Cheap Insurance in A Smart Way

Avail Cheap yet Best InsuranceThe car insurance premium in an average varies every year and this does not include the deductible when u have to file a claim. When we look at the economy today, many of us find it very difficult to keep up with such bills. So we have to find the right insurance company to get the lower premiums and best discounts.

Considering The Factors

In any car insurance application there are few criteria which will be considered at the time of evaluating. Even though few factors  might affect your car insurance premium, they may not have much power over. Female drivers have advantage as they will have low car insurance premiums than the men drivers so, gender will also have an effect on your premium. And even if you are a senior driver you can have less premium than the teen drivers. Credit history is one main thing which most of the insurance companies look for. So, be sure you have a clean and good credit history which will help you to get the best premium rates. At any point of time they will be reviewing your credit score and see if have gone through any driving classes which can again be helpful for you to get cheaper premium.

The insurance companies also evaluate the model and make for the car they will be insuring. In case if you are driving a luxury car, then you will have to pay high premium. The reason is parts of luxury cars will be very expensive and repair costs thousands of dollars and also cars which are expensive are more prone to theft. In the mean time if you have an old car, your premiums will be cheaper as you can get the car parts very easily. Another important factor that affects your car insurance premium is the car mileage. The premium will be high if you drive for more distance. If you drive almost all the time, the level of risk for car accidents is high but if you drive less, then the risk levels will slightly be reduced. So, try to use your car less if you want cheap car insurance rates.

Accidents and Injuries with A Static Car

Accidents and Injuries with Static CarMany records and data collected states that collisions and accidents occur even when the car’s engine is turned off. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports, few car related accidents does not have to really involve a moving car. A twisted metal, dented bumper or inflation of air bags are certain effects of a car crash. These in reality can also strike an immovable vehicle and damage it’s parts.

Common Accidents Incurred

  1. Commonly reported car related incident is injury caused when closing door. You can hurt you fingers,arm or hand while closing the car door. Nearly 150,000 incidents have been reported every year which makes it obvious to crave for our attention.
  2. Another injury reported is due to over exertion, usually caused when people are pushing an immovable vehicle or unloading vehicles. This can result in minor injuries like small cuts and bruises. Injuries can be less harmful or more.
  3. This might sound funny, but more than 84,000 injuries are sustained by people while getting in or out of their vehicle. They might fall or collide with any object or person on immediately stepping out of the vehicle causing an accident.
  4. More than10,000 were injured while using jack or any kind of hoist trying to meddle with car break down.

Most of the car related accidents can be easily prevented. Close to 50% of victims who incur stationary car related accidents are children between the age of 2 and 5. A little awareness and a simple care in doing even the simplest thing can avoid such instances. Do not hurry up and try to save those minutes, take that necessary time needed to deal with your vehicle. Most of the insurance companies do not cover the incidents caused by a static car. Check with your agent before you commit to an insurance company.

Is Your Dog Driving You to Distraction?

Drive Carefully with Your PetWhen you are going out for a long drive, if dog is your good companion then you have many companies to insure you. But taking your dog for a drive can be risky for both you and your pet. Though you may have safety restraints in your car for the pets in your front seat, you can meet with the accidents because of the losen pet in your car.

Dogs and Risky Driving

It is very risky to drive the car when the dog is in the car because many people love to pet their dogs while driving, When you apply sudden brake then you give support of your arm or hands to hold the dog. Few people put their dogs on the lap and drive or feed the dog while driving, taking the snap of the dog while driving and if the dogs climb from front seat to back seat then the driver concentrates to avoid the dog from going back leaving the wheels.

Focusing your concentration on your dog while driving your car is very dangerous. Not concentrating on the road even for few seconds can lead you to the risk of an accident. A dog which is in your vehicle can be hurt badly or it may be killed if the dog is sitting in the front seat. Your pet can make you end up with an accident paying high bills and more over car insurance companies will not cover for your pets.
A dog let free in the car can injure you and also the passengers inside the car. So you can keep pet seats  which will allow the dogs to look out of the window. To reach your home safely try to keep your pets out of the front seat.

New Car Insurance – Know Before You Purchase

Also Shop for Car InsuranceThere are lot of factors that has to be considered when you are buying insurance for a new car. It requires lot of research to end up with a best insurance company. The important factor to keep in mind is that we should always look for insurance company which offers us the affordable level of monthly premium an d they should also provide you with the required coverages which can protect you from the natural disasters and unforeseen damages.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Insurance

The comprehensive and collision car insurance needs should be considered  first. In most of the states,  liability coverage is made mandatory in your insurance. So people start to ignore comprehensive and collision insurance which are provided by many car insurance companies as total insurance. They provide protection against collision with objects which are immovable or unforeseen disasters or damages caused by floods, fire, vandalism or hurricanes.  So decide whether you need to choose this coverage or not, especially in the places where the natural disasters or the road accident rates are very high.

The pending loan amount on your new car is another thing that should be considered when your  buying insurance coverage. You should be aware that the car value can sometimes get depreciated faster than the loan amount, so be careful when you have the huge loan amount. In such cases, the situation may rise where the loan amount value will be actually less when compared to the market value of the car based on the condition and the mileage of the car. Special insurance can be taken to covers the gaps.

Deciding on Protection

When you purchasing  the car insurance, important part is to decide what you need and what you don’t need. Look at an example, you may need assistance on roadside coverages if you are traveling by road often. In the same way, you may also need car coverage for rental if you can’t afford to leave without your car even for a day. Some people also busy car coverages for specials cases like accidents caused due to the fault of a non- insured driver. In this case uninsured motorist insurance will become handy. Therefore  you have to figure out what type of protection you might need and  the coverage that may be unnecessary or superfluous to you.

Night Journey Could be Dangerous

Tips for Night DrivingIt is very dangerous to drive your car at night. Based on the National Safety commission’s record, miles traveled will be less between the time 6 p.m to 6 a.m but the number of accidents are more. One of the reason for more accidents is the less visibility during night. If in case you are driving in hill station or roads which are too curvy it is difficult  to drive in daylight and driving at night will be even more difficult and chances of accidents are more.

Tips for Nocturnal Humans

Usually drivers are drowsy while driving in the night. People think that they are nocturnal human beings and can easily travel in night time. But the fact, it is human tendency that they feel asleep when it is dark. If you drive the car after working the whole day from morning till evening or after partying the whole day, it will be very tedious to drive at night.  After a tiresome day it would be difficult to concentrate on driving.

Like how the daytime drivers have distractions like talking or texting on phone, petting their dog in car, changing the music or radio station or programming the GPS, similarly, the night travel can really become more dangerous.

But if you follow few things chances of getting into accident will surely decrease:

  1. As it is very difficult to judge the speed and the distance between your car and the car ahead, it is better you maintain lot of distance between the two cars.
  2. Don’t drive fast, because you may encounter deer or any animals on highways. Keep your headlights on and in good condition so that you can stop your vehicle suddenly.
  3. If you feel sleepy while driving stop the car and rest for a while and then drive ahead.
  4. Do not look directly into the car headlight coming in front of you. See through the rear view mirror to avoid glaring of light at night.

Smart Phones to Keep The Drive Safe

Smart Technology for Smart DriversWith the use of cell phones and many phone applications, technology is getting bad name when it comes to driving. Lot of distractions will be there while driving because people use their cell phones while driving. Now technology is looking to improve upon safe driving and bring awareness of what is happening on the road.  Many of the companies which are working on technology  and auto manufacturers are exploring the possibilities of car accidents, repairs and  measures for safe driving.

People who use smart phones and are familiar in making good use of the applications can use phone’s camera to point at their business. Along with the business information the phone also shows price points, consumer ratings and other information related to business.

Smart Technology for Smart Drivers!

According to application’s website, the driver can attach the smart phones inside the car so that the camera guides about how the road is further. The display on your phone will be exactly same as how it looks outside the window. It will also display the graphics generated by the computer which show were the lanes are and how much distance is the driver away from hitting the car ahead and in what speed the driver is driving his car. Different color codes are given to measure the distance from one vehicle to another vehicle ahead of you. If the driver is too close to another car,  the color changes from green to yellow to red displaying the distance. If the driver is in danger, very close to clash the car in front of him, an alarming sound is produced from the application. Drivers receive audio warning as well as visual warning.

This application promises the users to reduce the accidents and car insurance claims. This technology is  trying to intimate the driver different kinds of danger he may face while driving. For example: to intimate the driver that an animal is crossing over your car or running  in front of your car  at a distance. Also a detailed report about the foggy, cloudy or any other weather conditions. With the help of right engineering to road safety the enhanced technology would become standard for the upcoming models.

Saving Money on Your Insurance is Made Easy

Get Discounts on Your InsuranceOnce you are ready with the researching of the auto insurance, you just need to select the right auto insurance quote and travel with your new car. Few things which you are not aware of might not be covered in your insurance. When there is an opportunity to save some amount of dollars over your purchase of coverages, follow the below tips in order to save money. After you buy the car insurance, you accept the premium and later don’t just hide your policy. As life changes the discounts you are worth for also changes depending upon certain factors.

Relocation: If you have moved to a new city or zip code, then there are chances that your premium might get increased as per the new city requirements. For your overall car insurance premium, zip code plays a major role. But if you have relocated to an area with less auto theft then contact your car insurance agent to review your policy and check whether the premium rates will change.

Commute distance and time: If you have made a job change, your traveling time also changes. Car insurance rates depends on your daily traveling distance. If the distance goes down then your car insurance premium also gets lowered.

Deductibles: If you have a clean driving record,  by paying lower deductible you are wasting the money. In order to reduce your monthly premiums increase the deductibles you pay.

Multi Policy or Multi User: Just check your auto insurance plan as soon as you add an additional car to your policy else add your new car to the same insurance company you had committed before. Enquire with your car insurance agent, if you are eligible for multi policy or multi user discounts.

Safe Driving: If you are a safe driver then you get lot of discounts. You can contact your agent for the discounts you are eligible for if you are not having any traffic accidents or violations.