Your Teen and Their Driving School

Team and their Driving SchoolAs a parent, your peaceful mind would take a toll when your teen gets on to the driving seat and drives off all by themselves for the first time ever. Such occasions causes stress on any parent. Your stress can find a relief only when your teen has rode a vehicle good number of times or attended a driving class. Finding a good driving class is also a task which is not easy as it’s the basic foundation for any learner, specially when he or she is a teen.

Here is a resource which can help you to find a better driving school. The Better Business Bureau, on entering the name of the driving school you opted for, you can find all the negative feed backs or complaints if any against the school. This makes your search easy and efficient. You can also check for the list of driving schools licensed under your state department of motor vehicles, which can be an added advantage as those schools meet with the state’s requirements. Every state has defined set of rules which a driving school has to abide, say, conduct a minimum of 25 hours of class room session, provide internet training to the teens and also a minimum of 5 hrs of training on roads behind the wheels.

On Completion of Search

Once you have chosen a driving school, contact them and ask few questions to clarify your doubts. Visit their school to have a look at it and know how the training will be conducted. On visit, check for the books, guides and other training materials provided by the driving school to your teens. Also check if the materials are as per the AAA standards. Take a look at the vehicle which will be used to train your teen, the make and model, safety features and year built. You can also ask for a test drive to ensure the quality of the program.

Before you are asked to sign on the dotted line, check for price, if any additional charges are implicable. Understand the policy’s terms and conditions and also make sure that you check how the policy works if your teen had to miss a class or training program. Remember, all this effort will fetch benefits while obtaining a car insurance policy by giving you discounts on factors such as teen’s driving course and good grades.

Inexpensive Homeowner Add-on

InExpensive HomeOwners Add-OnBackup of Sewage and Water Damage Coverage: Most of the home insurance policies do not include this coverage but as a rider it can be purchased . This won’t cover physical loss caused directly due to insurer’s negligence but covers water damage or sewage or drainage blockage resulting from floods.

Credit Card, Forgery, Fund Transfer and Counterfeit Money: This provides coverage to instances such as loss incurred due to forgery or theft, swapping of check, misuse of credit cards by an unauthorized person, funds transfer made electronically and many as such. This pays for the legal obligation up to a certain limit.

Personal Property Replacement Cost and Special Personal Property Coverage: This provides security for those losses incurred by personal property and gets paid only for it’s replacement cost but not the actual cash value. The Special Personal Property coverage on your home insurance policy covers all risks due to few named perils certainly with exceptions.


Any insurance company will be happy to assist you and guide you in knowing about your insurance policy, it’s terms and conditions much before you sign a bond with them. It is very important for any person to know about claim procedure, cancellation, renewal or issue of new policy. If any claim is made against your policy, it takes 45 days for the policies in effect to be canceled or renewed or even to increase premium. Claims has its own defined set of rules and conditions and it differs from one company to another. Make sure to check with your agent before you sign a bond and make a claim. If multiple claims are made then the companies may prohibit the surcharges. You can make claims on add-ons provided you have enough proof and help the insurance company with every required detail for the loss incurred.