Put Down That Phone While Driving

Put Down That Phone While DrivingWith numerous things around to distract a driver, ignoring a call, voice mail or even text is leading in causing a car accident. As per the survey conducted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration , 20% of the car accidents occurred are mainly due to distracted driving which involved cell phone. Even hands free is failing to prevent crashes. Talking on phone while driving delays your reaction time similar to driving with blood alcohol level of 0.08%.

We have states bringing stringent rules to avoid cellphone use but still the number of accidents continues to grow. This is resulting in growth of many other cell phone applications to prevent drivers from taking calls or texting while driving. More the number of accidents eventually mean higher car insurance premium. Below are some mobile applications to avoid hazards:

  • iZup: This is designed for companies employing drivers. Once the car starts, this gets activated. It bars outgoing calls and incoming calls, emails and text messages will be held.
  • Drive Safe: This application disables calling, texting and emailing capabilities of your phone on reaching certain speed. This is benefiting the parents in controlling their teens on usage of mobile phones. Their access to mails, other social networking sites, texting, calling and more can be timed. However, it does not stop incoming and emergency calls from 911.
  • Drive Smart: This automatically disables calls and texts on your mobile phone on reaching a speed of 10mph. A complete termination to distraction. Used basically by T-mobile users.

There will be certain situations where you will have to use the mobile phone while driving. In such instance pull over, get off the road and start again only after you are done with the talking. You can also install any of the above applications to avoid the distraction. Make sure that you do not text or email while driving. These actions require both hands and eyes to be involved which is supposed to be on roads.

Avoiding Catastrophes with a Christmas Tree

Avoiding Catastrophes with a Christmas TreeEveryone is busy decorating their Christmas tree with bells, toys, lights, flowers and many more. Be it on the streets, stores, shops, malls and even at home you will find a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, there is always some risk involved with decorating the tree, be it artificial or real, short or 10 feet tall. Below are some safety precautions which on following can prevent the catastrophes.

Tree Fires

As per the survey made by National Fire Protection Association, Christmas tree fire does not occur frequently but yes when occurs it causes serious injuries, home damage and even death. A small spark created by lights or nearby fire place is enough to ignite the fire. Hence, make sure to thoroughly check for faulty wiring or any frays. Place your Christmas tree far from fireplace or heat sources. A report also says a watered tree is less likely to catch the fire than the dry ones.


If you have children or pets at home then you will have to be more cautious. The small lights or ornaments used to decorate the Christmas tree looks more attractive to kids or pets. They tend to pull them out of curiosity which can cause a choking hazard. Ensure to keep such items far away from kids or pets, out of arms reach.

Electrical Hazards

Everyone would love to decorate the Christmas tree with more of lights and crowd it with possible electrical outlets which easily piles up to cause an electrical shock. The tree alone would not cause any harm, so make sure to check if all the lights are in good working condition. Also, do not load the outlets, instead use power strips to handle all the plugs. With all these in mind, now you are all ready to decorate your Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!