Unused Car and Its Auto Insurance

Unused Car and Its Auto InsuranceWith cars in garage which are not being used, you still have to buy a car insurance for them. It can be a vehicle which once used by your teen when in college or a sports car which is occasionally used or a vehicle being damaged awaiting repair. All these will need a car insurance and yes you need to know how to minimize your premium rates on them.


Every state demands its driver to own an insurance with minimum liability requirements. If you want to escape, there are verification programs which will detect that your car is not insured and hence a heavy fine. Your state will decide your policy minimum limits on bodily injury and property damage. For example, Minnesota requires you to buy 30/60/10 coverage ($30,000 per person, $60,000 per accident and $10,000 for property damage) With high limits, it will be higher premium. However, with no fault insurance states, it works differently. The driver has to claim under his own policy and not under the other driver’s policy. This happens through Personal Injury Protection, which covers injuries.

Want to Cut The Cost ?

Even if the state mandates some coverages, there are ways in which you can bring down the costs. Consider collision and comprehensive coverages. Collision works when your car collides with another car or an object. Comprehensive works when your car is hit by perils. However, if the car is unused for a long time then these coverages will not be worth having and will just be waste of your money. Your car price also matters in buying these deductibles. A car of high value will have a benefit when any collision occurs than a car of lesser value.

An option which is becoming popular is “Pay as you drive”. You will be paying premium only for the miles driven. It is a special reward for those vehicles which are unused are not being used frequently. This definitely puts your car insurance premium to lower rate.

Keep Your Holidays Affordable and Safe

Keep Your Holidays Affordable and SafeWhen Christmas is nearing, it marks the holiday season and all set to blow your budget. Even when trying to set money aside, somehow you will still end up spending more than you always planned. Below are the tips to keep your holidays affordable.

  1. Shop this Christmas: There will be many deals and offers set this Christmas. Be it any decorative items, ornaments, lights etc buy them now and after the celebration keep it aside to make use of it for next year. Most of the items will be marked down by 50-70% the normal price, saving your money for next time.
  2. Go Green: Instead of buying flowers to decorate, step out and find the green available outside your house. Decorative yet which costs nothing. Fresh sprigs of pine, apothecary and holly can enrich the look.
  3. Prior Shopping: Try shopping a little earlier than on the Christmas day to get good deals. Prices usually go high on the festive day. Else try to shop after Thanksgiving which gives you good discounts and offers.
  4. Do not buy in excess: Buying unnecessary and not useful gifts will be a waste of money. Instead plan to buy gifts only for kids. Arrange for a dinner get together to share a meal and not money. Talk to friends and ask for a celebration together and not for exchange of gifts.
  5. Cost effective party: Partying this holiday is so much of fun. Without breaking your bank account, you can plan a party within your budget. Do not supply a complete bar, instead offer just a wine or beer. Make some time to cook yourself rather than ordering food from caterers. If you cannot make time, then organize a pot luck and have a grand celebration.