Can You Do Without PIP?

Include PIP CoverageComparing auto insurance can be a tricky proposition. It not only requires you to examine your driving habits, your finances, and your responsibility to others on the road – it also requires you to take a look at your healthcare benefits. According to auto insurance experts, determining your level of personal medical insurance could have a big impact on how much money you spend for car insurance. Here’s how it works.

Personal injury protection (also known as PIP) is an additional auto insurance option that pays for your medical bills if you’re injured in a car accident. But having this coverage could be entirely unnecessary if you’re already covered by a good medical plan. Still, before you opt out of PIP it’s important to bear in mind a few things.

• PIP might be required in your state, therefore opting out may not be possible.

• PIP also pays the medical bills of any passengers that you have in your vehicle with you at the time of an accident. But if you never carry any passengers, this is unnecessary coverage.

• PIP pays for lost wages if you’re unable to work for a certain amount of time due to your injuries, however depending on your employer you may already be eligible for extensive coverage in this area.

When getting a quote for auto insurance, first check to see if PIP is required by law in the state where you live. If it’s not, and if none of the additional coverages apply to you, you might be able to save a hefty wad of cash by opting out. Keep this in mind when comparing auto insurance as it could impact your estimate.

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