Can Parking Tickets Impact Car Insurance Premiums?

Impacting Your Insurance RatesSo you’ve got a stack of parking tickets big enough to earn you a spot on the local PD’s wall of shame. You may ask yourself from time to time: how will this affect my car insurance premiums? The answer is: not at all. Parking tickets, on their own, are essentially a non-concern with respect to car insurance premiums.

This isn’t to say that getting one parking ticket after another is a good thing. Just because a parking ticket isn’t a moving violation and doesn’t qualify as the type of infraction that impacts car insurance premiums, doesn’t mean that it can’t ultimately come back to bite you. For one, failure to pay your parking tickets could result in suspension of your license—and that can have a big impact on your insurance premiums.

The answer? Pay your fines, and pay them promptly. You’ll likely find plenty of so-called experts or online resources that’ll tell you there are some parking tickets that you should pay, and others that you should avoid (such as tickets received from private companies versus tickets actually received from the police department). But in order to avoid complications that could result in losing your driving privileges and negatively impact your car insurance premiums, you must pay for your transgressions—and resolve to do better next time. It may take a chunk out of your bank account today, but when you consider what you could be saving in the long term on car insurance premiums, it’s a chunk worth parting with.

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