Buckle Up For Safety

Safety is ImportantEver since the first vehicles have come into existence optional devices like seat belts and airbags have become the mandatory items in Ohio. Almost all the places have a safety belt law and all new vehicles have minimum requirements for installation of airbag in steering wheels and in the dashboard and doors or even roofs of vehicles.

Safety Air Bags for Protection

Air bags and seat belts protects the occupants in many ways. In case of a crash these air bag moves out the violent chance of a crash and protects the occupants from bash against the dashboard or windshield, steering wheel. The best protection is to have an effective air bag. In case of an Air bags they inflate instantly to protect the driver or passenger and also provide effective protection in frontal crashes. Both seat belt and air bag are of great advantage so its not a good idea to skip anyone of them. They spread the impact of the crash and protect fragile body parts, individual’s head and chest from the car’s hard surfaces.

Seat Belts Save Lives

Safety seat belts are so effective that it will stiff your body, in a crash, before the hit goes through the windshield and parts of your car. Your chances of survival will greatly improved by wearing your belt. Seat belt subsist of a circuit belt, which extends across your chest, stays over your pelvis, and a shoulder belt. Seat belt should be worn in the correct manner, as the stopping force will be applied to the pelvis, rib cage and to the relatively hefty body parts. When the belt is worn correctly, it will exploit the stopping force to the parts of the body. The force of the seat belts are not concentrated on a small area as these belts extend crosswise a broad section of the body much of the damage is escaped. Seat belts webbing are made of extensible material.

In addition, seat belts of the car can retract and extend which helps you to lean forward freely. But there are sudden chance of tighten up of seat belts in case of a collision. It is very risky to drive in Ohio with the benefits of airbags and seat belts.

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