Avoid Annoying Home Insurance Problems with the Right Spring Cleaning!

Is your home ready for spring and summer? Winter can be pretty tough on several different home systems. To avoid potential issues that could incur home insurance claims, you should consider expanding your spring cleaning into a few important areas that need attention as the months start to warm up. To help out, here are a few locations around the home where spring-cleaning can make a big difference – and improve safety!

Inspect Windows and Doors for Insulation

Windows and doors have weather-stripping, strips of felt that are designed to seal up windows and doors when closed and prevent drafts. This is important in winter when you are trying to keep the house warm, but it’s also very important in warmer months when you are trying to cool things down! Gaps within doors and windows also create entrances for a variety of bugs and pests, so it’s a good idea to go around and take stock of your weather-stripping to see if any needs to be replaced.

Replace the Batteries in Your Smoke Detectors

Your smoke (and carbon monoxide) detectors just got done doing valuable work all fall and winter. Your spring-cleaning phase is the perfect time to replace all their batteries so that they are prepared for another year of work…and so you don’t get annoying low battery beeps when you least expect it. Remember, there are also smart detectors you can use to replace old models for added quality of life.

Clean Out All Junk and Unnecessary Items

Put your spring-cleaning into full gear and go through your entire home – closets, garage, attic, basement, etc. – and clean out all the junk. Get rid of the cardboard boxes, the stacked newspapers, and the piles of clothes or old objects that you never use. Find new, efficient methods to store your necessary items, and take a few trips to the local landfill if necessary (or rent a dumpster).

Besides the cleanliness, there’s a very good reason to do this: All this junk is a serious fire hazard that can help fires grow and spread throughout your home. They also make excellent nesting materials for pests and can attract everything from beetles to raccoons. Get rid of it!

Perform Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your furnace and heaters worked over the winter, but before long you’ll be switching over to air conditioning…which means it’s time to make sure your AC unit is ready for the job. Replace any filters with new versions, and fully clean your unit, especially the outdoor parts. It’s a good idea to call in a professional to check the refrigerant as well.

Clean Out the Gutters

Chances are good that your gutters got filled in the fall and winter, thanks to dirt, debris, and leaves. It’s important to clean them out before spring rains cause problems! Flooded gutters will drip down into your siding and can cause widespread damage.

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