Are there any current policies that address Ebola exclusions?

With the word "Ebola" increasingly on everyone's lips, people are now starting to question how this old disease that has unfortunately found new life will be handled by insurance policies. With Ebola now documented to be within the U.S. in at least a few patients, insurance companies are looking at revamping policies to either specifically include or specifically exclude this disease.

Insurance companies may choose to offer, for example, one much more expensive policy that covers Ebola and one much less pricey policy that does not. But what of existing policies? Do they cover Ebola, or is it specifically excluded?

The answer isn't black and white: It depends. Some policies, like workers comp ones that each state regulates individually, are considered unlikely to exclude Ebola from policies. Thus far, none of the United States has excluded Ebola from those types of policies on a state level.

Other current policies, especially those with private companies, may be written in such a way that an Ebola patient might not be covered due to recent travel to Ebola stricken areas, or due to some other reason. Every policy is unique, though, so it is very important that you speak to your agent about exactly what your policy covers and does not cover.

The bottom line is that Ebola and insurance are not on the same page yet. What is known for certain is that every private insurance company is being very cautious about writing new policies or about extending older policies until they have addressed Ebola in some way within that policy. Leaving coverage in a gray area benefits no-one, so the sooner that insurance companies make what they will and won't cover clear it will be better for everyone.

If you need health insurance but you want a policy that covers as much as possible – maybe even Ebola – our agents are here to help. We are happy to look for any type of policy you need, and will do our very best to get you the price you're looking for as well!