After Effects of Ohio Transportation Budget

Check on Budget When any accident occurs in Ohio, victims will wait for the police presence on the spot to help them with their takes on police report. This report is very much mandate and is used for criminal charges or civil liability and for claims. However the latest budget passed over transportation and public safety by the Ohio General Assembly and being signed by the Governor limits the scenarios under which police is asked to file a report on vehicle accident.

Ohio’s Code Revised

Current Ohio Revised Code says that “Every law enforcement agency representing a township, county, municipal corporation, or other political subdivision investigating a motor vehicle accident involving a fatality, personal injury, or property damage in an amount greater than four hundred dollars shall, within five days, forward a written report of such accident to the director of public safety.” Property damage threshold has been raised to one thousand dollars by the amendment.

Any accident when occurs, takes two long hours for a policemen to verify the case and prepare a report on it. Hundreds and thousands of cases were lined up every year. With this new amendment, policemen will still work on those incidents, check for driver identity and issue of applicable commendations for traffic tickets or violations. But determination about who was found guilty will no longer be made, if the accident does not result in a fatality, sufficient damage, or a personal injury.

Aftermath of Budget

With such governed rules, insurance agents will certainly face an increased burden in determining fault, aftermath of an accident. But this reduction is budget-driven and made for public safety. These services will have a high impact on drivers who are victims of an uninsured motorist undoubtedly or will end up filing an insurance claim under bad faith against an insurer which fails to follow its obligations.

When an Ohioan meets with an accident, will face a difficulty in obtaining a police report unless threshold is above $1000. Here the drivers themselves have to take more initiative towards filing out some report and judging the situation which drives individual liability and help in claims.

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